Image Optimization For Better SEO

Its a proven fact, image SEO is fast becoming a major source of high quality traffic.

Too many marketers dont actually think about optimizing the images or videos they add to their site content and that is costing them a lot of free traffic.

We know the search engines want to see high quality content and want to see it delivered in diverse mediums, so text , images, info-graphics, videos are a great way to deliver your content and ensure you provide the search engines with what they need to rank you high.

One area of organic SEO is traffic from the image search function.  This is a massive growth area for SEO and because the majority of marketers dont actually optimize their content correctly for the image search you can drive lots of targeted traffic for a few minutes work.

This post is going to highlight the key features needed to ensure you get the most out of your image SEO and I have a great FREE WP Plugin that will provide totally free access to over 180 million Royalty FREE Images you can upload at the click of a mouse.

Essential Image SEO Factors to be aware of

File Name

This is a relevant part of image SEO so make sure you rename the file name with an accurate keyword phrase better suited to describing the content of the page.

Make sure you DO NOT USE UNDERSCORES ( _ )when adding more than 1 word and ALWAYS USE DASHES ( – ) The search engines read underscores as 1 word with no spaces.


The most important single aspect of image SEO is the correct use of the ALT Tag.

If you are using Word press and you should be,  it is very simple to add the correct ALT and file name to your images.  When you upload your images simply name them in the field provided. Do not use more than 130 characters and ideally you should use 4 – 5 words making sure your main keyword is in the first couple of words


Nor overly important for SEO but this is what the user sees when mousing over the image so worth adding it anyway and just needs to be the same as the ALT Tag.


Not required and of no real importance for ranking or SEO Benefits.

Add Royalty FREE Images for FREE

picture_blastAdding images is essential to gain SEO ranking but finding images to use is not always that easy.

I have a great totally FREE WP Plugin that provides 180 million free images that be can added at the click of a mouse. The images are all provided in a choice of 3 set sizes and the plugin provides easy access to set up the images as described above.

To install the plug in please click the link below and save to you PC.


From your WP Dashboard select to upload plugins and select the picture blast zip file.

Once you have activated the plugin you will see the plugin icon available to select and search for a suitable image.

You can use the pre-loaded names or search by name.

Once you find an image simply select and edit the settings as above This is  a great free resource and will ensure you are safe from any copyright issues and always have access to great free images.

The plug in is available for FREE with full MRR and Giveaway rights as part of my private members area IM Tool Kit.rsz_imtoolkit_box638_708

If you need good quality PLR/MRR Products and access to the latest cutting edge training take a look at the massive benefits of getting the platinum level today.


Please click here for more details

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the post or downloaded the plugin, its always good to get some nice feedback.

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Kim January 7, 2014

Great info! I had two customers already this year tell me they found me when they were searching through Google Images. Being that what I offer images are important, I did a double check to be sure that the title and alt tags are keywords. I have also found that long tail keywords as alt tags work!
When I did a search myself to see where my images where in Google Images I found myself on the top row for what I offer more often than not. So it really does work!

    David January 8, 2014

    Hi Kim

    Yes its gaining traction for sure and it is only going to become more important as more marketers start to use even more images in their content so keep up the good work.



gustavo January 7, 2014

Henry excellent post thanks I think this is what I was looking’ll try the plugins on one of my sites to see what happens greetings.

    jim January 7, 2014

    just what i was looking for thank you very much henry,
    i have a membership with you , and thanks for all your great info.

      David January 8, 2014

      Hi Jim

      How are you, glad you like the post and plugin

      All the best


    David January 8, 2014

    Hi Gustavo

    Its a great resource and provides a very quick solution to add generic type images to any content so hope you give it try


    Reply January 7, 2014

Good info, David – thanks!
I have been using actual spaces in my file names instead of dashes.
Is that as good, or should I use dashes instead from now on?

The plug in looks like a great one. I recall someone selling a very similar one as a wso not too long ago. It did a bit more but for free this is a great deal!

By the way your POST COMMENT button does not show up in either Firefox or Chrome until you hover in just the right place (below and to the left of the Reply box). I could not find it and tried opening it in another browser and then stumbled upon it by happening to hover over it. I would change this to NOT being a Hover function if I were you – it’s too hard to find. Just a suggestion.

    David January 8, 2014

    Hi Mike

    I am glad you like the plugin, I also saw something being sold that did the same sort of job so as you say its a great resource for free and hope you set it up and get it working for you

    Regarding spaces in file names, personally I always like to use dashes because it takes away any chance of the search engines reading the file name wrong but spaces will work as well, its just underscores really that need to be avoided because they view the phrase as 1 word so its difficult to read and bad for SEO.

    I will have a look at the post button, it looks OK to me but I am obviously the admin so I need a different PC to check it but thanks for the heads up.

    Hope you are well



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