Get 3 x more sales from the same traffic

In this post we going to focus on a strategy used by all of the super affiliates.

In its simplest format, affiliate marketing does not require a product of your own, website, list of subscribers or any SEO knowledge and requires the affiliate to send targeted traffic to a high converting offer to get paid a commission from the product vendor

This is the easiest way to make money online and it’s where most marketers start their online adventure.

To become a successful affiliate marketer does require more effort though than many believe but if you set up your business correctly you can beat 95% of the competition.

If you have ever wondered how the top guys around get insane conversions when you are struggling to convert 1-2% of your traffic this post will provide a detailed step by step blueprint.

Don’t make this common mistake

Too many marketers see a product launch being promoted and start to believe the hype, they think all they have to do is request a link, copy the readymade email swipes provided by the vendor and send traffic directly to the link


Whilst this may work on a numbers game for the marketers with big lists but you need to adopt good habits from the start to give you a clear advantage over the majority of the competition especially when first starting out

Living the dream

This phrase provided my wife in the early days with many opportunities to remind me I may not be quite living the dream everyone portrays of working for 30 minutes sat on a beach with a laptop earning six figures when I am in my office at 630am and still in there at 630pm!

Now thankfully I have a structure that provides me with a great lifestyle but affiliate marketing is like any other business on or offline, the more effort you put in the more success you will get back and once you have the knowledge to create winning campaigns like the super affiliates you will perform better than 95% of your competition simply because they don’t follow a proven method and generally don’t put too much effort into any promotions which looking at the positive, if they are making online commissions with no effort whatsoever think what you can achieve with a slid blueprint

So let’s look at the anatomy of a successful affiliate promotion, get this right and the sky is the limit

Offer selection

You can find dozens of product launches every day so be selective in your research. If you want to see the vast majority of Internet marketing launches visit Muncheye, if you are product creator you can use this site to post your launch from free so a great resource for affiliates and product creators.


Professional affiliate marketers book their promotions sometimes months in advance as you will see in Muncheye to give them time to prepare for the launch, compare this to the guys requesting links on the day of the launch or worst still a couple of days later when they see a product selling well is the reason many struggle on and don’t understand why they don’t hit the numbers.

So let’s look at how to select an offer to promote. You should use a check list to narrow down the offers that you are going to look at more closely and the following should all be ticked off

  • Product creator is authority in the niche
  • Product is professional with lots of proof of concept and testimonials
  • Launch has a JV Page and provides lots of product information and early access to the sales page
  • Product is part of a deep funnel and the funnel is relevant to the product launch
  • Most launches now in the Internet Marketing Niche pay 100% commission on the front end product and generally 50% through the funnel
  • Vendor provides a review copy at least 14 days prior to the launch
  • Vendor provides a JV cash bonus competition

So let’s look at a couple of the requirement above in more detail

If no JV Page it may not be a good fit

If a product is launching without a JV page chances are it is not going to be worth the effort to promote it.

In any launch you are looking for as much information and marketing materials as possible, you normally get a link to view the sales page so you can start to profile the product and the information on the JV page about the actual product should be enough to decide if you can add any additional bonus value

Review Copies

This is a classic chicken and egg situation, sometimes you can’t get review access until you make some sales but you can’t make sales without a head start reviewing the product.

If you feel after reviewing the information available on the JV Page that the product could be a good fit for you and you can create a bonus to add genuine value the first port of call is to contact the product creator personally, they normally provide a skype contact on the JV page so let them know your position, if you have a previous pre-sale page landing page let them have access and prepare a schedule to show them how you intend to promote.

From a personal point of view, if I get a direct contact from someone clearly serious and professional I don’t have any issues providing review access to any of my products and I don’t think this will be an issue providing you show you are committed

JV Bonus

Very simply, this is not about winning any prize especially if you are starting out but it’s a great indication that the vendor is expecting a big number from the launch


We are going to deploy a strategy to get maximum conversions from the traffic we send so at this stage the more proof we can collect that shows we have picked a winner the better opportunity we have to make big commissions

Understand the Offer

Once you have found an offer you have researched and are happy it ticks all of the boxes it’s time to do what 95% of your competition don’t do and that is to find the missing piece of the jigsaw that you can provide to add genuine real world value.

The key differential that sets super affiliates apart from the thousands of affiliates making sales here and there is


It’s a fact, the vast majority of digital product's are incomplete in some way but very few marketers bother to explore this to find a hook or angle to pitch a bonus and this should always be your first job to find something to make a product perform better.

You need to understand the features, benefits and exactly what it does so you can fugure out if and how you can improve it or add a feature to it because this is how you are going to provide real world value to your customer and stand out from the competition.

Don’t stack multiple PLR Products as your bonus if they are not related and don’t provide a solution

One step up from the guys sending traffic directly to the vendors sales page are the marketers using a pre sell bonus page stacked with PLR products. The problem here is this bonus page is generally used for all launches and not created based on a particular product so the bonus doesn’t add that much value to the proposition.


Sometimes this can work if the PLR products are related to the product but this seems to be more luck than judgment in a lot of cases so let’s look at how to create bonus that will convert the visitor to a customer every time and works like gangbusters

Don’t rely on the Vendors bonus

Many vendors now provide pre made bonus pages which is great, the issues here is every other marketer is pitching these bonuses as their own which waters down the effect.

Create a bonus like a super affiliate

After you have reviewed the product you should have a clear understanding of the features and benefits of the product, decide which aspect of the product can be added to or improved and find good quality PLR products that address this issue, remember, we are not creating a full blown product we are simply addressing a particular issue to help improve sales and performance of the product for sale.

At worst, this could mean adding 2-3 pages of relevant information to address the exact issues you have uncovered and in a lot of instances the related PLR product may provide sufficient information as is.

Make the PLR Bonus product your own

If you want to almost guarantee sky high conversions you need to go the extra yard and turn the PLR product into your own product. (Once you have found a suitable PLR product always check the license to ensure you can edit the content completely and rebrand as your own)

Create a professional look and feel

Invest in good quality marketing materials, create a new product name and get some professional graphics to replace the existing graphics, edit the existing PLR content to add the exact information missing from the product on sale.

Write your pre-sales page content (or outsource cheaply) around the key features and benefits of your new bonus product and how this bonus product is absolutely key to maximising profits from the product on sale.

Most good quality PLR includes a sales page so it’s very easy to combine the features and benefits of your bonus with the features and benefits of the product for sale, the aim here is to create a compelling pre-sales page that not only sells the features and benefits of the product on offer but it also sells the features and benefits of your bonus and makes cross reference links to working seamlessly together and how your bonus can drastically increase the success of this product.

A great pre-sale’s page closer is real life case studies, ask the product creator for any he may have but have not used on their sales page or add his case study to your pre sales page if they are using any on their sales page

Understanding the real world value

Make sure your buyer understands the value of this unique bonus, it is not cheap PLR 1000s of other marketers are providing for free.

This is your own unique product and better still actually address in detail the missing information in the main product to maximise results. This will clearly help get maximum performance from the product on sale and is clearly essential to make it work better

Tell them the value of your bonus and the likely cost to complete even using outsource workers

The end result of your additional efforts will result in much higher conversions than 95% of your competition, I mean if you got 6 emails promoting a great product, a couple linking directly to the sales page, a couple more providing stacks of outdated PLR you saw the day before for a completely different product or 1 bonus that was tightly related to the product and it clearly made the product work better which offer would you choose

Now this strategy also has other positive spin offs that help brand you as a “go to guy”

Gain Instant Authority

You gain instant authority as a product creator of your bonus and once you have done a couple of these types of pre-launches you will be amazed at how many people will actually wait to see if you are promoting a particular product and many will contact you to ask you purely based on the genuine value of your bonus products


Providing professional products and only promoting launches you have researched in detail will quickly make you stand out from the crowd, this has an effect on all of your future marketing activities resulting in more profits.

Quickly become a product creator

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start to make money online but the real profits are to be made as a product creator, instead of promoting 1 offer for 50% you can promote your own product for 100% profits and better still, as an authority you can easily recruit your own army of affiliates to promote your product with free targeted traffic making you 50% commissions but from hundreds of affiliates.

Using good quality PLR products is the fastest way to create a product and if you follow the check list above you have a firm foundation to build on to attract your own affiliates

Take Away

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a full time income online and this post has hopefully highlighted a strategy to get the maximum conversions from your hard earned traffic.

The key here is value and relevancy, don’t skip on your research and find a hook or angle to base your bonus products around.

We are in the digital marketing arena so don’t skip on graphics and branding for your new products, you can get these done for a few dollars on Fiverr but they make all the difference.

Build your network of contacts, talk to product creators, copywriters, graphic designers and build your own outsource list of contacts

Develop your skills as a product creator in your own right using high quality PLR as your base product

Give it a try, you can do all of the work required yourself in a few hours once you know your way around or you can find  perfectly adequate outsource guys to do the entire project for way less than $50.

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