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September 2022

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Mighty Mind – Video Upgrade – MRR

Mighty Mind – MRR

Level Up Your Leadership – Video Upgrade – MRR

Level Up Your Leadership – MRR

Selling Your Expertise with Teachable – PUO

Automate Sales & Support With Chatbots – PUO

Audacity Live Masterclass – PLR

Audacity 2.0 Tutorials – PUO

Optimize Results With Facebook Analytics – PUO

Scale Your Business With Bitcoin – PLR

Increase Profits With Google Analytics – RR

Outsource Your Project On Upwork – PUO

Enhance Support With Zendesk – PUO

Warrior Brain Video Upgrade – MRR

Warrior Brain – MRR

7 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business – PLR

Business Automation Blueprint –RR

Keep Accurate Records With Quickbooks – PUO

Get Answers With SurveyMonkey – PUO

10 Secrets To Maximize Profits With Etsy – PUO

Live Masterclass on Memberships – PLR

The Membership Builder Masterclass – RR

Manage Your Finances – PLR

Maximizing Sales Funnels – RR

Advance Mental Wellness – PLR

Clear Mental Vision – PLR

The JV Marketing Playbook – PUO

YouTube Ads Masterclass Workshop – PLR

First Steps with YouTube Ads – PUO

Muscle Gain Secrets Audio – MRR

Spartan Vegan – MRR

Spartan Vegan – Video Upgrade – MRR

Time Boxing – PUO

The Power Of Mindfulness Audio – MRR

The Running Manual Audio – MRR

AWeber Crash Course 3.0 Advanced – PLR

AWeber Crash Course 3.0 – PLR

Transform Your Life – Video Upgrade – MRR

Transform Your Life – MRR

Leadership Authority Audio – MRR

Cupping Therapy Audio – MRR

Using Zoom for Communication and Meetings – PUO

Better Habits – Video Upgrade – MRR

Better Habits – MRR

The Minimalist Lifestyle Audio – MRR

Crush Insomnia – Video Upgrade – MRR

Crush Insomnia – MRR

Total Body Weight Transformation Audio – MRR

Wired For Success Audio – MRR

Debt Busters – PLR

Healthy Heart Long Life – Video Upgrade – MRR

Healthy Heart Long Life – MRR

Success & How To Achieve It – RR

Goal Setting To Live A Life Of Freedom Audio – MRR

Email List Secrets Audio – MRR

Lose Your Belly Fat – Video Upgrade – MRR

Lose Your Belly Fat – MRR

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide Audio – MRR

Social Media Marketing Principles Audio – MRR

Make Things Happen – Video Upgrade – MRR

Make Things Happen – MRR

IM Lifestyle Video Upgrade – MRR

IM Lifestyle – MRR

Fat Burn Secrets Audio – MRR

Bing To Win Audio -MRR

The Power of Influence – RR

Eating Healthy Audio – MRR

Using Google Workspace Apps – PUO

Traffic Generation Cheat Sheets – PUO

Success Traits Audio – MRR

How To Price Your Product Or Service Just Right – MRR

Unleash The Power Of Ad Tracking – PLR

Webinars A-Z – PLR

Metaverse Made Simple – MRR

Metaverse Made Simple – Video Upgrade – MRR

Supreme Affiliate Marketing – MRR

Workoutpedia – MRR

Think Like a Millionaire – RR

List Building Mysteries Solved – RR

Fat Burn Fast – MRR

Innovative Entrepreneur – MRR

Innovative Entrepreneur – Video Upgrade – MRR

Beat Procrastination Video Upgrade – MRR

Beat Procrastination – MRR

Email List Ninja 2 – MRR

HIIT Workout v2 – MRR

Internet Marketing Noob v2 – MRR

Gain Muscle 2 – MRR

Simple Productivity 2 – MRR

Unlock Your Full Potential 2 – MRR

Product Launch Ninja v2 – MRR

Passive Income Tycoon v2 – MRR

Webinar Supremacy 2 – MRR

Email List Guru – Video Upgrade – MRR

Email List Guru – MRR

Instagram Riches Video Upgrade – MRR

Instagram Riches – MRR

Success Traits – Video Upgrade – MRR

Success Traits – MRR

10 Easy Steps To Becoming A Social Media Influencer – MRR

Quick Wellness – MRR

Retain Sharp Memory – MRR

You Are Good Enough – MRR

10 Useful Productivity Tips To Get More Done – PLR

5 Virtual Networking Mistakes To Avoid – MRR

7 Step Goal Setting Workshop – MRR

5 Ways To Feeling Whole, Inside And Out – PLR

Top 10 Social Media Resources – MRR

Top 10 Running Resources – MRR

Email List Ninja Video Upgrade – MRR

Email List Ninja – MRR

Top 10 Facebook Ads Resources – MRR

Magnetic Affiliate Marketing – MRR

Leadership Supremacy Video Upgrade – MRR

Leadership Supremacy – MRR

7 Step Blueprint To Rewiring Your Mind For Success – MRR

YouTube Celebrity – MRR

List Building Expert – MRR

Dropshipping 101 Unleashed – MRR

Hybrid Cars – PLR

Top 10 Resources To Simplify Your Life – MRR

Greenhouse Growing – PLR

Brain Health Unleashed – MRR

Top 10 Tools & Resources For Stress Management – MRR

Gain Muscle Video Upgrade – MRR

Gain Muscle – MRR

Fuel Efficient Vehicles – PLR

Gas Saving Devices – PLR

Child Safety Video Upgrade – MRR

Child Safety – MRR

Huge Web Traffic – PLR

Boost Your Business Profits – PLR

Think And Grow Rich – PLR

High Ticket Resources – MRR

The Power of Mindfulness – MRR

Found Money – PLR

Easy Online Profits – PLR

How To Set Up A Family Budget – PLR

Your First Physical Product – MRR

Branding Tools And Resources – MRR

Legally Improve Your Credit Score – PLR

Personality Quadrants Dating Guide – PLR

Growing Your Business With Social Media – MRR

How To Become A Massive Tube Celebrity – MRR

WorkoutPedia – MRR

Dealing With Loneliness – PLR

Getting More Customers With Social Media – MRR

Show Me The Plan – Part 2 – PLR

Show Me The Plan – Part 1 – PLR

HIIT Workout Video Upgrade – MRR

HIIT Workout – MRR

Affiliate Marketers Handbook – PLR

Ten Ways To Write More Effective Ads – PLR

7 Secrets To Achieving Personal Freedom – MRR

5 Passive Income Businesses You Can Start Today – MRR

Functional Training Manual – MRR

Maillist Cash Extraction Goldmine – PLR

Pay Per Click Marketing A To Z – PLR

Ebook Marketing Exposed – PLR

5 Secrets To Getting More Done Without Getting Burned Out – MRR

7 Powerful Ways To Gain Clarity – MRR

Google Ad Sense A To Z – PLR

How To Make Your Home Sell – PLR

Winning Habits Video Upgrade – MRR

Winning Habits – MRR

Exploding Your Sales – PLR

EZine Marketing A To Z – PLR

Beating The Beast Goldmine – PLR

March 2022

Webinar Supremacy Video Upgrade – MRR

Webinar Supremacy – MRR

Children’s Psychology – PLR

CPA Fortune – PLR

Passive Income Tycoon – Video Upgrade – MRR

Passive Income Tycoon – MRR

Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing – MRR

Product Launch Ninja – Video Upgrade – MRR

Product Launch Ninja – MRR

White Label Dropshipping – Video Upgrade – MRR

White Label Dropshipping – MRR

7 Types Of Fear That Are Holding You Back – MRR

Kettlebell 101 Video Upgrade – MRR

Kettlebell 101 – MRR

Solopreneur Productivity – MRR

10 Most Common Distraction That Kill Productivity – MRR

10 Powerful Ways To Practice Self Reflection – MRR

Improve Your Mental Focus – MRR

Internet Marketing – The Maintenance Guide – RR

Stop Worrying What Other People Think Of You – MRR

Less Phone More Time – MRR

Vegan Diet – MRR

What Is Stress And How Can We Avoid It – PLR

Less Is More – Video Upgrade – MRR

Less Is More – MRR

Video Marketing Video Upgrade – RR

Video Marketing – RR

Wired To Succeed Video Upgrade – MRR

Wired To Succeed – MRR

Saving Time And Money For WAH Entrepreneurs – PLR

Ultimate Insiders Guide to Online Challenges – PUO

Internet Marketing For Beginners – RR

Resale Rights The Alternative – PLR

Real Estate Investment Secrets – PLR

Battle Your Fears – PLR

Out Of Control Viral Marketing – PLR

Netrepreneur Success Mindset – PLR

List Building Strategies That Really Work – PLR

Grow On Instagram With Instagram Guides – MRR

7 Types Of Fear – MRR

Free Reports Exposed – PLR

Magnetize Your Customers – PLR

7 Secrets To Cultivate Grit – MRR

Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites – PLR

Vision Board Made Easy – MRR

Ebook Creation For Illiterate – PLR

7 Powerful Ways To Bounce Back To Failure – MRR

8 Secrets To Boost Mental Resilience – MRR

Virtual Networking Success – Video Upgrade – MRR

Virtual Networking Success – MRR

Building Influence With Free Membership Sites – PLR

5 Benefits Of Morning Ritual – MRR

Super Brain Hacks Video Upgrade – MRR

Super Brain Hacks – MRR

January 2022

Conquering Fear Video Upgrade – MRR

Conquering Fear – MRR

Develop Your Financial IQ – PLR

Free Facebook Traffic Strategies – MRR

Its Ok To Say No – MRR

Profit Funnel Ideas – PLR

Domain Name Marketing – MRR

Life Strategies – Video Upgrade – MRR

Life Strategies – MRR

Automating Online Business – PLR

Ultimate Insiders Guide to Shopify Templates – PUO

Digital Nomad Lifestyle – Video Upgrade – MRR

Digital Nomad Lifestyle – MRR

YouTube Marketing 101 – MRR

Domain Name Success Kit – PLR

Setting Freedom Goals – Video Upgrade – MRR

Setting Freedom Goals – MRR

How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer – Video Upgrade – MRR

How To Become A Successful Social Media Influencer – MRR

The Sales Funnel Plan of Action – RR

Power Of Self Reflection – Video Upgrade – MRR

Power Of Self Reflection – MRR

Simple Habits Of Greatness – Video Upgrade – MRR

Simple Habits Of Greatness – MRR

Know What Sells – MRR

10 Simple Keto Recipes – MRR

Anti-Aging Hacks – MRR

Kaizen Secrets – MRR

Zoom Master – MRR