Business strategy and ethics

My business strategy and what you can expect

I just wanted to take a minute to explain my key business beliefs and strategy and how this can hopefully help you in your business so please read on and bear with me for a minute or so, hopefully it will be worth it!

I think we are either marketers or budding want to be marketers which is how you ended up on my list to start with.

Now here is the first bombshell...

If you are not a marketer, It is true, marketers earn income from affiliate promotions!!!!!!!!!

In my own case I also create my own products and have a couple of membership sites and this is how I earn my living,  so with that said lets get into the detail

I dare say you are on other marketer’s lists that send daily or even twice daily recommendations and work on the law of averages which is their choice of business model.

I do things slightly differently and this is very important to know and understand going forward so you don’t miss out or you can unsubscribe if you don’t agree with my philosophy

Now I have to be honest and tell you I structure my entire business with 1 thing in mind and that is to try to get as many of my subscribers and customers making money as possible rather than promoting everything under the sun for ME to make money.

This is in the hope that once they get some success they will want to continue their education by joining my monthly membership but this is clearly win win situation for everyone

So what makes me different?

Personal Product Reviews

Unlike the vast majority of marketers who jump on the bandwagon of a popular launch, I either buy or get a review copy of every single product I promote and I only promote it to you if I think it can genuinely add some value to you.

I spend at least 4-5 hours and in a lot of instances a full day going through the product in detail and then provide a detailed review

I tend to look out for products on special launch discounts under £10 so the vast majority of my subscribers can take advantage of the training rather than promoting more expensive products only the privilege few can afford although I would clearly make more profit promoting much higher priced products.

I can tell you for a fact, you will not get rich promoting products for $7 and the odd OTO but I do this to add value and hopefully increase your knowledge so you can either make more money or in a lot of cases start to make money.

$10 product buys are not the solution

I have to admit, it’s very difficult not to be completely taken in with many of the sales pages and videos these days that promise the earth for just $10 or less.

Here is the second bombshell...

Unfortunately it’s a sad fact, no $10 - $50 product will provide a complete solution to making daily income online, least of all how to make $150 per day with 30 minutes work!

On the other hand, if you accept this and adopt the mind-set that you may find a few golden nuggets to help in your overall aim to make a full time income online, which may be by saving you loads of time or increasing your profitability by adopting new tactics a $10 purchase can seem like the best buy in the world and I always try to point out any nuggets I think are the important takeaways in all of my reviews so you can pick up the ones that you need specific help with and pass on the rest

Provide massive added value

Now something that may get overlooked is the bonus products I provide for the vast majority of my promotions.

Once I have reviewed a product I may decide it lacks in an area, so for example, a  promotion I did for Hookum highlighted the lack of any done for you templates and whilst this is a great product, it did not provide any,  so I added 2 bonuses to ensure everyone hit the ground running with ready to go lead magnet pages

If a product provides everything it should do within reason, I will always add some other related bonus and this is always worth significantly more than the cost of the product you are buying so you always get massive value

Unannounced Bonus downloads

In general and in addition to the product launch bonuses, I try to send 3-4 totally free bonus downloads each month as a thank you for reading my emails and I send details of a new giveaway event I normally host each week which provides hundreds of free downloads

Let’s create a community

I like to think I can provide help and experience especially to the newer marketers amongst my subscribers, I have been in the business full time for more years that I care to remember and if I can help in any way I certainly will give it my best shot.

I want to put more effort into creating a community of likeminded marketers and would love any feedback on the idea of creating a free Facebook closed group mastermind for example or any other ideas anyone might have to help us all make more money online

Work ethic is very important to me, I am in this business for the long haul and not out to make a quick buck and I know I provide far more value than any other marketer I know so let me have any feedback, questions, issues or concerns and don’t forget to let me have your views on the Facebook group by posting a comment in the section below.

Thats all from me, ​ a bit of a rant I suppose but I am passionate about this business and hope I can make a difference for everyone prepared to put some effort in.

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Gerrard January 17, 2017

Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog and thought it was entertaining,
however if I had $10 days I would consider it a success.
Regards Gerrard Jones

    David January 18, 2017

    Hey Gerrard
    There is nothing wrong with starting out with $10 per day as a target. We all have to start somewhere but I think the key is to ensure you are following a plan that can be scaled to get you to where you need to be and this is something I will be spending more time developing in the coming months

    Reply January 17, 2017

I think a Facebook group would be an excellent idea. There were a couple of things you said above that I would love further discussion on. I have just come out of a high ticket affiliate programme, spent $57K, made $5.5K, totally disillusioned and broke. in less than 9 months. This is why I came to you, and I have to say, the material you supply for the price provides phenomenal value, I just need guidance to put it all together.
Malcolm Muller

    David January 18, 2017

    Hi Malcom
    Wow! That’s quite a story and I do feel for you, I know it’s no consolation but you are not the first or the last to invest this sort of money and get no results, the thing now is to try to move on and apply the fundamental basics to building a solid online business. The positive in all of this is once you understand how this all works you have a platform to earn a significant income with no upper limit.
    You mentioned you would like to discuss some points further, either post your views here or send me a direct email and I will do my best to help

    Reply April 9, 2017

      Thanks very much David, ashamed to say, have only just read this….. and as a result am going to rid myself of this lethargy and spend more time looking through your EXCELLENT aray of value material, and finally move on from my mishaps…….


Darryl Smith January 17, 2017

There needs to be a new groundswell of ethical marketers who prepare and deliver proper training along with value. Sure, charge $7 or $9, but deliver $21 or $27 of value to help others build a business to where they want to be, rather than give infotainment to be held forever gaining digital dust on hard drives. There are people who will buy products every day – until they find the one which actually meets their mind set and sets them on the path to freedom whether it be a $3 or $5k product. That is what I would like to be a part of growing.

    David January 18, 2017

    Hey Darryl
    That’s an interesting point and it’s something I am going to focus on more in 2017
    I was thinking of sending out a brief survey basically asking my subscribers exactly what is holding them back and what they see as the major hurdle to getting started making money online.
    If I can get enough responses I can then go away and put a course together that provides a cost effective solution to these issues, how does this sound guys or does anyone have any other suggestions on how I can help

    Reply January 18, 2017

I think a Facebook group would be a very good idea. It’s a fantastic way to improve social interaction or the work together and a great way to keep in touch and a brilliant use of the your business.
I think it’s Win – Win Formula.


    David January 18, 2017

    Hi Kemal
    Glad you are on board with this idea, I will see what time I have in the next week or so to get something set up and I will send out a group invite

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