The 60 minute Product Creation Formula

Most people looking to make money online start out as an affiliate marketer, this requires no product creation or even a website and they simply need to send traffic to an affiliate offer to earn a commission, typically 50% for information products.

Whilst this is a great method to earn money in the fastest possible time you can make far more profit with very little additional work and in this post I am going to provide a simple step by step blueprint that anyone can follow to become a product creator in their own right.

This then provides the product creator (you) with the opportunity to sell products for 100% profit with the same traffic and get paid instantly directly in to your PayPal account rather than waiting for an affiliate platform pay-out which can be anything up to 1 month later.

You don’t need any experience to create an information product

Product creation can seem quite daunting especially if you have never done anything like that before and it is almost impossible for someone with little or no experience to come up with an idea, create the product and get a professional sales page designed which is the main reason very few marketers ever think they can become a product creator.

Now the good news, have you ever wondered how some marketers seem to be launching new products almost on a weekly basis, they launch new lead magnets and build deep sales funnels which may have 3-4 other products included.

The answer is they use Private Label Rights or Resale right products. This is the fastest way to become a product creator in your own right and you can get started right now and have your first product branded with your own name making sales within 60 minutes from now.

You must find the best quality products

PLR products are available from a wide range of sellers, the actual product creator will launch a product and you can pick up individual products to use, you can pick up bundles of products in fire sale type promotions or you can join a monthly membership site like PLR Profits Club.

Whichever route you take you must focus on buying the highest quality products as possible, in the bad old days a few years ago, PLR products were not the best and typically had been rehashed by a third world writer and provided little if any decent information

Fast forward to 2020 and you can find some excellent products complete with professional sales and download pages, reports to give away, video training modules, mind maps, email follow up messages and more and this is the type of product to look for to use in your rebranding, this is a typical product available in the members area and provides outstanding value

Getting started

Whilst you can find good individual products to use, you should always look for product that provide an upsell version, this enables you to create a readymade upsell which enables you to reduce the cost of the first product should you wish to increase the conversions in order to sell the second product in the funnel. The price points should always be tested on both products to ensure you are getting the maximum ROI.

I have found a good product to use in the latest release section of PLR Profits Club called Turbo Cash Tactics and this is another great example of a complete professional product and includes, 

Free Report to Giveaway

Lead Capture page​

20 part video training product

Professional sales and download pages with graphics

Reseller website for upsell OTO

So to get started we need to follow a simple process using FREE software to help us rebrand the HTML pages and upload the pages and files to our server.  The links to install these 2 free softwares is at the foot of this post with a link to a detailed walk through.

Step 1

Create our lead capture system

Open the free report in word, edit as required and add relevant affiliate links and save as a PDF document

Add your autoresponder code to the lead capture page

Step 2

Create a PayPal Buy Now button

Open the sales page in free HTML editing software 

Add the button and price to the sales page

Step 3

Create the download pages

Open the download page template and add the zip file products to the download page

Repeat the process with the upsell offer

Step 4

Upload the pages and files to your server

Create a directory in your server using free software (FileZilla)

Upload the pages and files to your directory

Copy the URLs and you have a product including a lead capture page, free branded report and 2 complete products for sale with professional sales ad download pages.

Step 5

Send Traffic, Rinse and Repeat

This is the entry level process to rebrand digital products in your name and add your own payment button to the sales pages. This is something anyone can do and it’s not difficult or time consuming.

You can create multiple products in your name and you can very quickly create some great products to sell to your new subscribers who are opting in to get your free reports in your follow up email messages.

Why market as an affiliate to make 50% commissions when for the same investment in traffic you can make 100% commissions paid instantly.

 Look at some of the other major benefits to creating your own products and I hope to see you in the members area very soon​

Create powerful lead magnets to use to generate free traffic

Supercharge your list building using FREE products to giveaway

Create exclusive affiliate bonuses to skyrocket conversions

Create bundles of related products to create your own exclusive offers

Use in giveaway events and ad swaps to build your list for free

Make money giving your products away for free and sell the PLR

Create your very own membership site for recurring monthly income

Use to create free reports to build your subscribers

Use to create great blog content

Create affiliate banners and launch your very own affiliate program

And much much more...

If you want to see a more detailed step by step blueprint with a video walkthrough please click this link

The free software we refer to in this post is coffee cup which is the editing software to add text and graphics to the sales pages and Filezila is the FTP software that uploads the pages and files to your server.  Please click the links to download and install

Download Filezila​

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