IM Tool Kit Sales


Its a fact


The vast majority of Internet marketers do not have access to the fundamental tools of their trade and are therefore losing out massively and wasting a load of time


Its like any other professional trade, you need the correct tools to be able to do the job so why do so many marketers continue trying to make money online  with no investment in to their future.


I stuggled for months and months before the penny finally dropped!

Does this sound familiar


  • You Started out with a limited Budget at best or more likely no budget at all to invest in essential training and tools of the trade
  • Quickly discovered it is not quite as easy as the Gurus make out
  • Start to panic and jump from one Gurus “must have” solution to another without getting any real success
  • Slowly start to get disillusioned
  • Seriously start to condsider if this is for you ( Keep reading it definately can be with the right help!)


Now the good news is Internet Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult at all providing you have a firm foundation and a game plan to follow   Too many marketers see the Gurus living the dream and buy in to the hype of it all.

You are not going to be able to work 1 hour per day sat on a beach for a while yet so forget that idea for a couple of months and get the basics in place.

  • Learn how to build a website Google view as an authority website even if its brand new
  • Develop the very latest cutting edge SEO methods that are working today to drive masses of FREE TRAFFIC
  • Use Social media to connect with the major influencers to build your personal brand and authority
  • Build a list of fans and learn how to market to them
  • Make a profit every month


Now once you have mastered the basics its time to broaden your horizons and take your efforts to the next level, you will have developed a good sound basic understanding of Internet marketing and you should be making a healthy profit.


  • The next stage is to start to create your own products and develop relationships with affiliates who will sell your products.

Now whilst this all SOUNDS quite straightforward, in reality it can be a mine field, when I was first starting out I had no help or guidance and I wasted months and months of trial and error marketing not making any money whatsoever before almost by chance I got some group coaching and things suddenly fell into place and I had several light bulb moments.


Now this worked for me but nothing works for everyone and the cost is generally prohibitive for the majority.


I have been asked over the last couple of years to create a membership site as an extension to my blog, I try to provide as much free content as possibile but there is only so much you can do in a limited time frame.


Earlier this year I managed to consolidate my business which has given me more free time so I have spent the last few months putting together what I believe to be the most comprehensive Internet Marketing membership site online today.


rsz_imtoolkit_box638_708 But before I tell you whats included in this monthly membership, consider a few facts…

  • People who don’t believe Online Marketing is a real business
  • People who are still confident of finding the next $47 or $97 1 click wonder software
  • People with no drive or determination looking for an easy route
  • People who are not prepared to invest time and effort in to their own future

This is Not For Everyone

  If any of the above points hits a nerve this membership site is probably not for you, I say this only because I would rather make the point bluntly that to become successful does require some work and commitment, if you are prepared to work hard you will reach your goals whatever they might be.

So Who is this Membership Aimed at

  • People who genuinely want to make a difference to their lives
  • People who acknowledge making money online is a business and are prepared to invest time, effort to ensure success
  • People with some drive and determination
  • People prepared to look at new options and opportunities to further develop their business

  Hopefully you are still reading which means you do want to make a difference to your future.

So lets take a look at whats included today


  This truly is a “one stop shop” for today’s professional Internet Marketer. 

Stop chasing the next big shinny object and wasting a fortune.   Use the extensive Online tools, software and resources to make your business a real success.


You will find top quality PLR/MRR Products worth 100 times the cost of the membership alone to sell, use or giveaway to help build your list.


The majority of the MRR products all include reseller websites, ecovers, graphics etc which just require your paypal button and contact details adding and you are good to go.


The core of the site aims to provide a sound structure on which to build your website, develop key social media marketing skills and build your list like the pros.


It doesn’t matter if you are totally new or a seasoned pro, the authority website builder will give you a blueprint to follow for success.


The “how to” videos will show you how to set up all of the key structures you are going to need going forward.


You will find  coaching courses by well known Professional marketers  both in MP3 and MP4 and the outsource rolodex of 80 fiverr top sellers is worth the cost of ther membership alone.


Imagine how much you will save in time and more importantly money using these tried and trusted top sellers to create videos, graphics, logos, testimonials the list goes on.  Take a look at the blog header above, not bad for $5!

So let me recap on exactly what is included,


  •  Over 350 Premium PLR/MRR Products  most including reseller websites.   Niches include Internet Marketing,  fitness, diet, personal development and more so you will always have current material to either create a unique product of your own or just add your payment button to a ready made website to sell for 100% commissions


  • 30 New Premium PLR/MRRProducts   added monthly.  A great added benefit to the membership is if you come across any PLR/MRR products you would like to buy simply let me know the details and providing the license allows it I will add to the membership so you will never have to buy any other PLR/MRR Products directly


  • 300 Online tools, Software and resources. Free access to a massive library of FREE software and online tools to make your tasks quicker and easier.  We have an unbelievable range of tools too numerous to list here but would cost thousands of dollars if buying them commercially and all included for free forever


  • Cutting edge training modules and video tutorials.  I have sourced training reports on all aspects of online marketing and I have covered all levels so if you are just starting out with no knowledge whatsoever you can go to the setting up module to get started.  Progress through the comprehensive wordpress modules and then explore the various traffic modules to drive some free traffic to your site using the very latest social media strategies that are now so important.  Other training topics include list building, social media in 2013, SEO for both on and off site, list building and video marketing.


  • All of my Previous WSO Products are included in the membership  I have made well over 2000 sales of my own products just on the Warrior Forum and you get free access to download all of them included in this membership.


  • Outsourcing Rolodex of over 80 top rated fiverr contacts covering a vast amount of services.  Build your brand, get logos, blog headers, videos created, voice overs, social media, SEO, everything you will need is here and all for just $5.  These contacts collectively have saved me thousands of dollars on outsourcing costs.


  • Additional training reports and exclusive marketing strategies added weekly.  I will add the very latest tips and techniques that are working right now.  I am constantly testing and tweaking systems and methods to become more successful, these results will be made available on a weekly even daily basis in some cases


  • Press release directory of 250 free PR submission sites  and in depth training on how to create and submit a professional press release for maximum exposure.


  • Blog directory of 20 submission sites  for mass content syndication


  • Product Discounts  available on selected feature products with 25% – 50% OFF.  I will have a featured products section in the members area where I will feature the latest products and services.  If you decide to buy you will get a minimum cash back discount of 25% – 50% depending on the commission levels available


  • My future Information Products available to download for free.  I plan to release an information product every 6 – 8 weeks as a WSO. All of these new products will be made available for free in the members area immediately upon release


  • email support.  If you need help to use the site or download any products I have a support set up so you are not alone.  

So What is all of This Quality Content, Software and Training Going to Cost?

Monthly Membership will shortly be increasing to the target price of just $47 per month 

Limited Time Promotion


Founder Membership for Just $37 per month 

This offer is available until we fill the last allocation of discounted memberships

At that point the price will increase to the normal membership fee of $47 per month so I hope you can take advantage of this very special offer and I look forward to seeing you in the members area.





To Your Success

David Henry


Dont you think you owe it to yourself and your family to give it one last shot but this time with a lot of help, guidance and cracking ready to sell products that will guarantee your success. It is going to cost much more than  $1 per day to get instant access to a wealth of cutting edge training, tools of the trade and the strategies to ensure you will succeed.


I do hope you take up my offer, As always I provide a full no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee and if for any reason you feel its not for you just send me a support email and I will arrange an immediate refund.


Membership can be cancelled at any time after and access is provided on a month to month basis.

Invest in your future, knowledge is power

Don’t delay, take advantage of this unbeatable offer today and make that change!



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