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Its David Henry and I would like to welcome to my PLR Products club monthly membership site. I am based in the north of England and I live with my wife and 4 kids, Loren 20, Jack 18, Oliver 8 and Josh 7 (I know madness!) I have been full time online since 2008 and didn’t have things easy in the early years struggling along like the vast majority trying to figure out this puzzle called online marketing. I started to create this site in 2013 when I was looking around for much the same thing as I now offer which is a one stop shop to get great quality PLR content we can use as our own to get products launched very quickly to sell, giveaway free content to build our lists and a reference point for all of the difficult techy issues we come across especially when starting out. I am delighted with the content and it really is my pride and joy, I provide both a free and paid level because we have all got to start somewhere and hopefully if you start out with the free content you can quickly have some success which will give you the confidence to upgrade to the premium content. I really hope you put all of the good stuff to work and wish you the very best luck with your new business venture.

Keyword Research Made Easy with 8 FREE TOOLS

Are you tired of Google Keyword Planners restrictions? Then you’re in the right place. Remember the good ol’ days when GKP was totally awesome? You could enter any ‘seed’ keyword and see tons of keyword suggestions and their associated search volumes. Now, Google has restricted these numbers to general ranges. 🙁 SIDENOTE. You can still see exact numbers, but […]

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Business strategy and ethics

My business strategy and what you can expectI just wanted to take a minute to explain my key business beliefs and strategy and how this can hopefully help you in your business so please read on and bear with me for a minute or so, hopefully it will be worth it!I think we are either […]

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Get 3 x more sales from the same traffic

In this post we going to focus on a strategy used by all of the super affiliates.In its simplest format, affiliate marketing does not require a product of your own, website, list of subscribers or any SEO knowledge and requires the affiliate to send targeted traffic to a high converting offer to get paid a […]

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The 60 minute Product Creation Formula

Most people looking to make money online start out as an affiliate marketer, this requires no product creation or even a website and they simply need to send traffic to an affiliate offer to earn a commission, typically 50% for information products. Whilst this is a great method to earn money in the fastest possible time […]

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Creating Your Own Membership Site is Easier Than You Think

  Creating membership websites is an excellent way to build an on-going revenue stream. While this is one of the most lucrative profit opportunities available online today, in order to make the most of this business opportunity, it is important to understand the necessary ingredients for a successful website. In this post, we are going […]

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