Rebranding Using Existing Products Gold

Use Existing PLR/MRR Products to brand as your own for quick profits

In this 6-part training we take an existing product available in our membership, edit the pages as required, create a PayPal payment link, create a mini sales funnel, upload to a website, delivery the products and collect the buyers details

We use free software as you will see in the first video and the links below provide free downloads to each

Filezila FTP software

Click here to download


Click here to download

Coffee Cup html editing software

Click here to download

Video 1 

Setting up the FREE software required

Running Time: 3:14

Video 2

Downloading a product and making page edits using FREE html editing software

Running Time: 9:54

Video 3

Uploading the edited pages to a website using FTP

Running Time: 10:53

Video 4

Creating a PayPal payment link and setting up a redirect

Running Time: 6:53

Video 5

Adding live pages and zip files to sales and thank you pages

Running Time: 9:43

Video 6

Delivering the product and adding buyers to a list

Running Time: 9:40

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