List Building Systems – The Give-away Event

List Building Systems – The Give-away Event.

Whilst there are many list building systems around, the one fundamental they all need is targeted visitors to join their list.  The strategy I am going to focus on today is how to build a list using Joint Venture Give-away Events.  Perfecting a list building system using give-away events will explode your subscribers and you can easily add 1000s in a very short period of time.

If you have not yet got your sales lead funnel set up I have a great entry level system that provides 99% of the components you will need to capture your visitors name and email addresses on auto pilot.  The system includes  a professional squeeze page, thank you page, download page and  a great One Time Offer page. The system even includes MRR so you can sell it too and you wont believe the price.  Go here to see the details

The Give-away Concept

Typically a give-away event may be theme related and is normally live for between 1 and 4 weeks.  The event is made up of contributors and members both of who benefit from participation, the contributor by getting new subscribers and the members getting as much free software and e books as their hard drive can handle making it a win win situation for all concerned.  To become a contributor you would normally be required to have an existing list of opt in subscribers and events are strictly by invitation only.  Contributors basically add products such as software, e books reports and scripts etc. to the event and are then required to mail their own list to ask them to visit the event to get exclusive access to a load of free software provided by the industry’s top marketers.  All give-aways have a strict requirement that each contributor must promote the event and get new members to join, failure to do this results in gifts being withdrawn but this does ensure most events are well supported and get sufficient new member sign ups.

Once accepted into an event, all contributors are offered a one time only upgrade from the free status and in most cases this is well worth doing because an upgraded contributor can add more products thus getting more exposure and sign ups.  Upgrade costs can vary dependant upon the strength of the event and if any big name players are getting involved but generally rang from around $12 to $47.
Recently some give-away events have accepted people in as contributors with small or in some cases no lists but they must upgrade to paid status and are still required to get new members to join, this can be achieved by using traffic exchanges, safe lists, solo ads and PPC etc. but failure to get any new members will result in the gift being removed, after all its hardly fair for someone without a list getting new subscribers from other contributors who have provided their subscribers so it is a fair system and works very well.

Give-away events are now on a weekly basis and some of the bigger events can add thousands of subscribers to a list in a matter of weeks in some cases, Out of all the list building systems available, joining a give-away event as a contributor will provide guaranteed results in a very short space of time and once you have set up squeeze pages to gather the subscriber details and download pages to provide the product, setting up with a new give-away event can be completed very quickly, in my opinion a successful strategy would be to join as many as possible until you have a list of around 1000 subscribers at which point you have several even more lucrative options open to grow your list even faster.

If you would like a  free guide to becoming a contributor including how to find events, how to get accepted into them, setting up accounts and adding your gifts please visit list building systems now.

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