Use the Correct Anchor Text Link Diversity

Adding links to your money pages

In this new age of SEO linking back to your main site has become almost an art form and no one other than the big G really knows the ideal split in link diversity, however, we do need a bench mark so I suggest using the following split using dog training as the target keyword


10% – exact keyword (dog training)

15% – variations of keyword (where to find dog training)

35% – Related keywords (Boston terrier, flees, dog leashes, cats)

20% – Random non related (click here, more info)

20% – URL variations

( ,,

Adding internal link structure.

I have provided a great free plug in to provide internal linking for all related keywords called SEO Smart links.

This is a great little tool and works in the background to ensure you link keywords on every post and page providing great SEO Benefits.

In addition, I have provided another free plug in to provide a list of related posts at the bottom of each page or post on your blog called Yet another related posts plug in.

Using both of these plug ins is essential for good on page SEO.


Optimising your content with images.

Now you have created a top quality piece of content and optimised it with outbound authority links it is time to make it more appealing to the first time visitor.

We do this by adding related images and video where ever possible.

Do a search in Google using your keyword and select “image” search and select a suitable image.

(Be careful to check copyright and definitely don’t use any images supplied by Getty images, long expensive story for another day!)

Before you start to publish any content you need to set up some essential social media accounts ready to create your hub and internal feeds for content.

This is how to prepare content ready to launch a new website. You will need to publish 5 pieces of content of this quality with this much research over the first 5 days to set your site up correctly.

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