Optimising Content for Authority

It is important to understand the competition in any niche.

We want to rank on page 1 Top 3 at least so it is essential to check out the competition and find some important information we can use to improve our own ranking.

First of all you should be using Firefox for any SEO related browsing.

This is without doubt the best browser and it has a great selection of free add on plug ins that provide essential information to help with your ranking efforts.

I have provided links to the essential add ons and plug ins in the keyword research report contained in the download.

We are going to use an add on to Firefox called link gopher, you can download it by clicking here.

This plug in finds back links and domains linking to a website.

We can then use this information to drill down a little deeper to identify linking opportunities to enable us to add our all important out bound links in all of our content.

Here is a screenshot of a result for dog training to use as an example.


This is the screenshot of the links provided by link gopher

Identify related keywords within your article you have just produced. Ideally you are looking for 6-8 keywords as closely related to your main keyword as possible.

Check the sites that are linking in to the website that is ranking for your keyword.

You need to do a search from within that site if they have an internal search function or just browse around the categories to try to find a post or article on the topic of your related keyword you are going to use in your outbound anchor text link.

So for example if you were going to use the word dog trainers which is a word in your article to link out from you would look for that keyword as a topic or article in the site you are looking to link to.

Here is one of the sites listed under “domains” in link gopher. After browsing the site I find this page talking about “dog trainers” so this is a perfect page to use to link out to.

In real life you will want to find high the highest PR sites as possible for maximum authority but this provides an example of the methodology.


Always do a search for the main keyword again to ensure the site you are using as your outbound link target isn’t ranking for the primary keyword.

If it is go and find another site with related content that isn’t because all you will do is make their ranking stronger and they will be a direct competitor.

We will do this for each of the top 6 – 10 websites ranking for our keyword or go down the results until you have found at least 6 sites with related keyword content with the highest PR as possible.

This is a real strategy

Instead of linking directly to the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword which can only increase their ranking power you are linking in to a website that is providing them with link juice but not ranking for the keyword.

You are creating a tight article that is providing the very best information based on the keyword you are trying to rank for.

You then link out to 6 – 10 websites that provide the EXACT information in detail for the keyword you have used to link out to which is of course closely related to the main keyword.

When the search engine spiders follow your links it is clear the information is closely related and of high authority in that particular niche because you have selected only the highest PR sites to use for your outbound linking structure.

They will follow the links through to your main competitor’s website which is ranking for your exact keyword and this structure builds up on site authority very quickly

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