Creating Your Own Membership Site is Easier Than You Think


Creating membership websites is an excellent way to build an on-going revenue stream. While this is one of the most lucrative profit opportunities available online today, in order to make the most of this business opportunity, it is important to understand the necessary ingredients for a successful website.wordpress_membership

In this post, we are going to explore all of the key components that must be utilized to launch a membership website; beginning with the brainstorming and planning phases and extending through the post-launch.

Understanding the various ins and outs of constructing successful membership websites can help you to achieve the business opportunity you have always dreamed of.

Getting Started with Membership Sites

What can a membership website do for you? You may well already be familiar with the idea of a membership website, indeed you may be a member of my own IM tool Kit but may not be certain of exactly what kind of benefits it can provide to you and whether it is even worth your time to focus on building a membership website.

In reality, there are actually so many various advantages associated with membership websites that you are really missing out if you do not have one.

The Benefits of Membership Sites


If you have a membership site for whatever niche that you happen to be in people will naturally perceive you to have more knowledge about that particular niche than John Doe who is just selling another

In this manner, it makes it possible for your site to become an authority site. That is something that you cannot establish with just a thank you page or a sales page.

Fewer Opt-outs

Running a membership site also offers another distinct advantage in the ability to establish a relationship with your customers.

Stop and think about it for a moment. What happens when you have a subscriber list and all you are doing is sending out emails or newsletters?optin

There is a good chance that at least a percentage of those subscribers are going to be lost through the opt-out or unsubscribe option.

This is something that is not nearly as easy with a membership site. That is not to say that there will not still be a small number of people who may choose to leave, but if they want to do so they will need to come back to the site to do it.

Improved Security

Another keen advantage of the membership site is that it allows you to have far better security. It is much more difficult for someone to break into a membership site than it is for them to hack your thank you page and then proceed to download your product without paying for it.

Increased Traffic

Also, you have to factor in what is often known as the stickiness factor. With a membership site you have a greater potential for repeat traffic.17-10-ProvenTrafficMethods (1)

Consider for a moment how many times you have ever returned to visit a thank you page.

The answer is probably never and that is precisely what you can expect when you try to sell products without using a membership site.

While people may not return to a thank you page, if you provide enough high quality, relevant and helpful content and products on your membership site you can rest assured that people will come back.

The key is to make sure that you give them a reason to come back and that can be accomplished through articles, perhaps a blog, new products, etc.

Easier Bonus Delivery

It is also much easier to deliver additional bonuses or whatever you want at a later point.

Unfortunately, what some people try to do is simply deliver their product through email and then toss in a line telling the customer that they can also download a bonus.

bonus_deliveryIf you have a membership website you have the opportunity to send out an email and request that the customer log into their member area to download the brand new bonus that you have uploaded just for them as a way to say think you for being a customer.

See how much more personal this is and how much easier it is to customize this type of message? When they do log in to the member area they will also be able to see links to other products that you have posted as well as links to other sites that you may have and practically anything else you wanted to put there. This is an excellent way to earn some passive income.

Passive Income

Membership websites offer the ability to greatly increase your passive income because you will know that your customers will be coming back again and again.image14

Not only are you building that all important trust with your customers but when they see that you have recommended something they are going to be far more likely to check it out and actually buy it.


When it comes to pricing your membership websites, there are a couple of different ways that you can handle this. One way would be to charge a one-time fee while another option would be to charge a recurring fee.

One thing to keep in mind if you choose a recurring fee is that it can become more complicated with recurring billing unless you have it set up so that people do not mind the recurrent billing for whatever service you are providing.

Really, this all comes down to whatever niche or market you happen to be in. There are some markets where it is going to be easier to charge recurring billing than others, it really boils down to the amount of new content you intend to provide

New products are key

So I have covered the relevant points to consider before starting a membership site, the biggest issue with maintaining a membership site is to source enough of the right products to upload each month to make sure your members remain and you can add new members each month.

I started a membership site back in June 2013 called IM Tool Kit and it has proved to be very successful, It is aimed at the internet marketing professional and it provides a one stop shop for all the content, training, marketing materials and great quality PLR/MRR resale products you will ever need.plrproducts

The key to a large part of the continued success is that I source and add a minimum of 40 brand new PLR/MRR/ products each month, a featured video product of the month which retails for a minimum of $17 and various marketing tips and tricks along the way.

I also provide over 150 professional training tutorials on every aspect of setting up your online business using PLR products you can redrand and sell as your own.

I have rebranded the site to focus on PLR and the new site is PLR Profits Club

If you want to see what is included in this upgraded membership site click this link.


Your very own Membership Site “Biz in Box” Opportunityrsz_imtoolkit_box638_708-270x300

I have quite a few members that have their own membership site and use my products as content, I don’t have any issue with this other than making sure you check the license limitations and this is a great way to launch your very own site that produces a nice monthly income that grows month on month for a single monthly investment of just $24.97

Inside the members area you will see a section that includes a great membership plug-in that handles all of the site set up including taking online payments so it couldn’t be easier or quicker to be up and running.

membership_logo-e1384871675564Remember, you don’t have to throw your self into this at break neck speed, this is something you can set up over time, decide on the type of site you wish to have, download the content from my own site and set up your own landing pages to attract new members and the entire cost per month is just your monthly membership of $24.97

This is not for everyone but presents a great online business opportunity with a minimum investment and easy opportunity to create a monthly passive income that will build over time.

You can get sstarted with a full 30 day money back guarantee so all of the risk is on me, you can download a lot of great content in 30 but I am quite happy to provide this because my members stay around on average for 8 months which is almost 3 times the average time you can expect a monthly member to remain so this alone is testament to the high quality content you are about to discover.

I hope you give me a chance to showcase my content, I am sure it will be a great decision to join.



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