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Blog Commenting Provides Powerful Back links

Blog Commenting is one of the most productive back link tasks you can do to get high PR relevant back links providing you follow a few rules.  Back links as we all know are the lifeblood of our website ranking and since the recent Panda update quality and relevancy is more important than ever.

Many people try blog commenting and give up because they never seem to get any links to stick.  Blog commenting also gets a bad press due to the automated spam type “auto approve” comments where you can find pages and pages of comments like “great post” or “I really like your theme” Links like this are now worthless in my opinion and even if you can find a PR 2-3 blog that accepts auto approve comments the link juice passed through to your page is massively diluted with the the other 800+ comments posted.

So How Do You Get Your Comments to stick?

The first thing we need to focus on is finding blogs that have a decent PR, accept comments and are broadly in the same niche.

There are many search strings well documented to find blogs to leave comments on, .edu and .gov are perceived to be of higher authority, this is not exactly the case from Google’s point of view, the algorithm doesn’t apportion more weight to these extensions, its just that the links are more powerful because by and large the content is far superior to that of normal .com/.net type websites so this extension does get more trust.

To start our search type this string into the google search bar, replace “your keyword” with a relevant broad keyword in your niche inurl:blog”your keyword” “post comment”

Other strings to try are, “powered by wordpress””your keyword” “leave a comment” 

Once you have your results in Google arrange them in PR order using SEO Quake.  Depending upon your niche, try to target sites with a PR2 or higher and try to aim for blog posts less than 2 months old, you will come across many older blog posts, some  from years ago with hundreds of comments on, by all means leave a comment once you are on the page but try to focus on the higher quality in general.  You will soon get familiar with spotting the dates in the descriptions in the search results so any old original posts are not really worth the effort, there really is more than enough blogs around with good quality recent posts.

How to comment

It is vitally important to read the post in detail, spend a few moments to prepare a reply and try to raise a legitimate question that requires interaction from the publisher, if you do this you have a far higher chance of getting a reply and therefore getting a comment to stick.  I see time and time again marketers posting hundreds of comments on non specific blogs with generic comments and then wonder why they have no comments that stick.

Link Velocity

I spend at least 3 hours per week commenting on relevant blogs, a relevant blog comment on a decent blog with PR is a very powerful back link and other than a couple of minutes of your time it is a free back link.  Link velocity is more prevalent for newer websites but requires you to build links at the same sort of rate on a weekly basis so as not to raise any flags to Google of unnatural link building (spam).  Set your self a target to comment on a minimum number of blogs per week or even day if you have the time, other than guest blog posting which is another post for another day this type of back link is up there with the best of them for getting quick results and you will be amazed at your ranking improvements  for a relatively small number of links providing they are of a high quality and relevant.

Getting Links to Stick (The Hard Part)

Once you have posted your comments it is essential to copy and paste all of the url’s into a txt file.  Unless these URL’s are indexed the link is worthless so we need to copy and paste these URL’s in to a pinging/RSS software once the comment has been approved.   I recommend using  bulkping  which is easy to use and its free. I usually revisit 2/3 days later to check for approval then ping the URL’s.

Page Linking

Most people tend to link to the home page in the majority of cases when blog commenting.  It does depend on the blog post as to the relevancy of any content you may have available to deep link to but I highly recommend deep linking into a relevant post or article wherever possible, I try to get at least a 50/50 split but the more targeted post’s you have the better chance of getting the link to stick and a deep link will carry more benefit than a home page link.

To demonstrate the value other SEO Companies place on blog commenting here is a screen shot from a website offering a manual blog commenting service.

Here is the full page link (Not that you should buy links at this price after you read on!)

As you can see just 50 comments on blogs with PR 2-5 costs $149, this is the power and value of blog comments.  The downside I suppose to manually finding blogs is the timescales and attention it requires to copy the URL’s and ping etc.

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time you will know I am all for automation wherever I can set it up, to this end I have had a software developed that finds a range of blog commenting opportunities all from 1 simple dashboard.  Link diversity is very much key in today’s SEO world post panda/penguin so this software is more important than ever in finding a cross section of do follow  blog commenting possibilities.

Comment Commander Pro quickly finds up to 100 high authority blogs that allow do follow links in the comments and it finds 5 box-new-white-copy7different types of blogs so potentially 500 blogs for 1 keyword.  It can search in date order so you can quickly find the latest hot off the press posts and you can also find some great guest blogging opportunities.

It has a built in database to save results and it automatically checks for approved comments when you want it to.

I have a more information and a demo of the software in action.  Please click here to get the details.



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Alex September 28, 2011

I was quite shocked by the blog commenting prices you showed!

And by the fact that you use scrapebox – I thought that was what is responsible for the zillions of junk comments we all get daily in our blogs!

The link finder pro software sounds very useful. For me it would be the tracking of the links you create that is most valuable – because keeping track with text files or spreadsheets is a total pain.

At the price it sounds like a bargain!

Reply September 28, 2011

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for the reply, the prices show just how much authority good blog comments carry and most marketers tend to overlook them because of the same sort of problems you highlight. Scrapebox is used by some to spam because it is very powerful software capable of posting thousands and thousands of comments on auto approve blogs etc, I use it to do a lot of SEO related tasks, I use it to ping links for indexing, check page rank and live links as well as manual blog commenting so I wouldnt be without it.

    The new software is fantastic, it has been through a full beta test and the feedback has been really positive and it is a bargain even at $37.

    Hope you get time to check it out



    Reply September 28, 2011

Thanks for the great tips.

So, does Scrapebox do all the same things the Link Finder Pro does as far as…

“it will find high PR BLOGS and display both the home page and actual page of the post Page rank. It open’s up the blog in an internal browser to easily add the comment and save’s the blog URL’s ready to check for approval. Once approved it will confirm the comment has been both approved and indexed.” ?

I know it does a lot more than just help with blog commenting but I’m curious if it does all these things specifically as you’ve laid them out in your post.


Reply September 28, 2011

    Hi RL

    Scrapebox doesnt have exactly the same functionality as the new software regarding blog commenting, it doesnt for example confirm the comment has been approved and indexed, to find this info out you need to run the URL’s through the poster again to check the link is live and indexed, It is a far more powerful software however and it couldnt be compared to the Link Finder Pro, Scrapebox is a one size fits all suite of functions, List Finder Pro is software to find high PR blogs to add comments to and keep a track of results. Here is a link to Scrapebox where you can see it in action though if it helps
    (it is $97 compared to $17 too!)


Rika Susan September 28, 2011

Thanks for a great article, David. Link Finder Pro sounds like something to check out. Anything that saves some time is more than welcome! It can be quite a chore to follow up on comments to see if they have been approved, in order to ping the page.

Reply September 28, 2011

    Hi Susan

    I totally agree, its very time consuming and the reason most marketers either don’t do a great deal of commenting if any at all. This software will not only find high PR blogs to add comments but it will enable you to keep track of all comments posted and actually see when comments are approved. I really think its going to take off so getting in at the early price is essential.



Valeri September 28, 2011

Hi David,
Thanks for nice article.
I just created my new niche blog and I´ll try to use your advices.
Inform me please on Link Finder Pro.
Best regards and success.

Reply September 28, 2011

    Hi Valeri

    Good luck with the new blog, I will send you the link well in advance of the launch.


Melanio C. Rabang Jr. September 29, 2011

Hi David,

I used google alert with all my keywords but that link building by comments doesn’t seem to have any effects at all. Maybe I should be selective on sites to post comments instead of all sites that pop up on google alerts. Anyway thank very much for this information.

Mel Rabang

Reply September 29, 2011

    Hi Mel

    Thanks for the reply, blog commenting is a bit tricky until you get the hang of it but you should definately do more of it. Just make sure you use the search string in the post and sort by PR so you are only commenting on blogs with decent PR and then spend a couple of minutes reading the post before adding your reply, you will be amazed at the results once you get in the routine, have a look at the new software too, Link Finder Pro due for release today, it is very powerful and makes the job 10 times easier.

    All the best

Todd January 29, 2017

Interesting reading David, and I am wondering if blog commenting has any relevance at all in 2016. Has it been beat to death so much that software like this — or even single, legit commentary — even has any impact?

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