Membership site getting started

Getting Started

Before you start to create your membership area it is highly recommended that you download and watch the training videos on the next page

Once you decide exactly what you want to offer make a list of all the pages you will need. The plug-in creates the the essential account pages in 1 click as you will see once it is installed and activated so you will need to think about how you want to provide the content.

Remember, you can build and add content at your own pace, lots of people will be creating a fully fledged paid membership site off the bat and using the additional content from the OTO but you can get started by installing the plugin and a couple of training videos and then build from there.

So a quick recap…

Before you get started… be sure to spend some time thinking about what membership levels you want for your site. It’s easiest to set up Paid Memberships Pro when you have this very clear ahead of time.

  • What will members have access to
  • Are you offering a FREE LEVEL
  • If you are offering a PAID LEVEL, How much are you going to charge

Make sure you follow the video training and list the actual content pages you are going to use in your members area.

It is much easier to create all of your content pages before setting up the actual membership plugin. The plug-in will create the essential account pages, you need to map out the content of your site and would typically include the following pages

  • Welcome
  • Training Products
  • Support
  • PLR/MRR Products
  • Featured products

Creating your FREE Training and PLR/MRR Content Pages

If you want to create a free resource area and PLR Product page using the products included in this site watch the training tutorials on adding content in the section setting up the basics

You will need to add all of the products to your own site using ftp, tis is also covered in the training videos


To add content please follow these steps

Create a page name

Add the content descriptions, headers etc

Download all the products from this member area

Upload to your own server using ftp (Filezilla)

Copy the URL from the server and add the links to your pages

If you are setting up a paid membership level make sure you have your payment gateway API keys or email used with Paypal.

Once you have this its time to set up the membership structure.

The link below is to Paid Memberships Pro and they provide a fantastic FREE solution,

Please click here to access the membership Plug-in page

Follow along with the installation tutorials provided by the plugin site and you will very soon be up and running


Please click this link to open a ticket



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