Building an Authority website

So suddenly now you have the opportunity to be viewed as an authority or expert in a very short period of time using the power of social media and in particular Google +

It is now possible to publish quality content that is picked up by many of your industry peers; this will create a social buzz around your content and website.

The more authority traffic you get to your site means the higher ranking you will achieve.

The higher ranking means you will get more traffic which means you will make more money.

This can all be started with a few excellent pieces of content fully optimised for authority and lots of social engagement and proof.

Connection is key

Previously marketers have been obsessed with serving up content for the search engines not for their reader



ver optimised articles spun x 100 resulting in almost unreadable content is now thankfully a thing of the past.

I still see spinning software being promoted but the search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated so not something I can recommend doing personally.

Content quality is absolutely key to getting ranked in 2016 and making money from your website.

You should spend as much time as is required to ensure every piece of content published under your name is of the highest possible quality.

Now don’t get spooked if you are not a writer, I do show you how to set up a brief to give to your outsourcer that guarantees you will get quality content correctly optimised that will ensure fast rankings.

If you still dont feel comfortable with writing or simply just dont have the time to control outsourcers I offer a great content creation service, you can get blog posts, articles, press release submissions and white paper reports at very low prices, here is the link for more details

The key to connection though is how you connect your highly engaging content and you’re on page optimisation to ensure you connect with real people that will buy your stuff and the search engines that will rank your content.

It’s not about manually building links anymore

Major authority websites have never embarked on a manufactured link building strategy.

Whatever niche you are in I will guarantee the leading website will be a PR 6+ with thousands of links pointing to it, none of which they have built manually!

Wikipedia is the perfect example; millions of back links all built naturally which results in top rankings for 99% of all of their content



k links are still important however and currently still account for the majority of the factors taken in to consideration by Google when deciding rank but this percentage is decreasing.

More and more emphasis and importance is being placed on where the link is coming from and how it has been generated.

If Google can see a footprint in Google+ resulting in a link from an authority or niche related website the value of that link is far greater than a link from a non related blog comment or profile link.

It is therefore essential to only build back links from niche specific or high authority websites.

I manually build authority links most days and finding authority blogs that allow comments is a great way to build engagement with key influencers.

I have recently developed a great peice of software that finds authority blogs that allow the holy grail of back links, a “do follow link”. The software can find up to 500 blogs for 1 keyword and is fully automated. It really is a must have tool if you want to use this strategy which I personally highly recommend. Here is a link to get more details and see a live demo of it in action.

Guest blog posting is once again in high demand because it provides the guest blogger with a perfect platform to show case their content and gain new followers.

You will create these opportunities by initially producing high quality topical content that people actually want to read and more importantly share.The software I have developed also finds guest blog post opportunities based on keywords.

I have just made reference to blog commenting on high PR authority blogs, Blog Commenting has been frowned upon in the past and passed off as worthless spam which in the majority of cases it was because many marketers just blasted automated comments to auto approve blogs which did nothing for their rankings.

We are in a new era however of web promotion and blog comments can still provide a powerful back link and a great opportunity to get visitors to your site providing you take time to find tightly related high PR blogs to leave a comment on.

This will require a little more effort on your part and you will need to add a comment that is compelling and adds to to the conversation, it’s no longer going to cut it with “great post” or other worthless comments that don’t add value.

When you do find a closely related blog and post a really useful, insightful comment you will get 2 benefits, firstly your comment will be published so you will get a very powerful do follow back link to boost rankings and secondly you will get an immediate boost to your blog traffic from the readers of the blog post.

How many times have you read a comment or comments and clicked the link in the comment to check out the person or website providing the actual comment, I know I do it all of the time and after reading this report I hope you will too because it is a great way to identify influencers and it gives you a perfect opportunity to connect with them by using the original blog post as a reference.

Earn links is the new back link

In this new era of SEO it is quite easy to rank content for a competitive keyword with just a few back links providing they are from high authority websites or key influencers from within your niche.

Building tight circles of niche related followers that actually look out for your content and visit your website on a regular basis is the key to success in 2013. Once you achieve this you will have great success.