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Who We Are

We are a specialist content marketing consultancy based in the UK and part of David Henry Marketing.  We content_king_freehave vast experience in online marketing using high quality content as the foundation to grow your brand and build your authority.

We offer a bespoke service that allows you to focus on building your business whilst we build your brand, authority and ultimately increase visitors to your website.

What we Offer

We are lean and mean and therefore can offer the lowest rates on a wide range of products and services.  Content keep_calmmarketing is now essential for every online business but getting the biggest bang for your buck is very much in our minds.

We offer individual content product bundles or complete content marketing packages but without the costs typically associated with monthly agency rates.content_marketing

We can provide well researched 500 word articles/blog posts on any topic, 100% unique copyscape passed for the equivelent of just £8 and our fully inclusive monthly content marketing deals start from just £879 per month.

We see this as a key feature in helping companies build a firm foundation in which to grow at a budget to suit along the way.

We have identified a need for companies to source great quality content produced by professional English speaking copywriters for the same sort of prices as you can find on the lower quality freelancer type sites and this service is proving incredibly popular.

Professional Content at Self Service Prices…


So What is Content Marketing

It is very simple, Google want to see websites providing the very best content as possible that is closely targeted to the websites products or services.

They want to see this content endorsed and shared by as many authority websites and major influencers as key_influencerspossible in the same niche which demonstrates the content has real value backed up by this social proof and they reward this with improved rankings.

Content Marketing is a method to distribute top quality content across a wide range of social media platforms.  It is a method to engage with the major influencers in a given niche and to build up social connections that will endorse and share your content.

Content Marketing can be completed by individual marketers or companies that can produce their own quality content and have the time and resources to syndicate successfully via social media platforms, we can help here by offering a content bundle to suit every budget on a 1 off ad hoc basis or we can provide a fully managed services based on individual requirements for indiduals and companies that need a bit of help and guidance,

Content marketing therefore is a combination of many strategies,


  • You must produce quality Content

First and foremost you need to produce content that is topical and of the highest possible value to your visitors, after all no one is going to share content of poor quality.

  • It has to be tightly related to your niche

Google want to give the best possible user experience to their customers, they will reward well produced content that is bang mass-relevance-logoon topic related to the keyword you are targeting, you must make it easy for the search engines to quickly find and rank your content for your intended seo_onpagetarget by applying the correct on page SEO.

Find the Key Influencers

You need to find and engage with the major influencers as possible and build real connections, you are only as good as your back link footprint and your social media engagement, it is very simple, associate with authority websites and the major movers and shakers in your niche and Google will rank you and your content accordingly

  • Regulate the flow of new content

Blasting content via various platforms for a couple of days and then doing nothing for a couple of weeks is not going to help you increase your content ranking.  Consistency is key, decide on a strategy at the beginning of your campaign and gear you new content around this plan based on your budget.

You need to produce quality content on a regular basis that is seeing an increased number of influencers and authority websites week on week sharing it to gain the highest ranking benefits

Vacontent-is-key1riety is the Key

Simply posting content to your blog and sharing on your own social media platforms is not enough, you social_networksmust use a wide range of content driven platforms for the best results, diversification is very important to the search engines.

High quality content distributed via press release submissions, articles, blog posts, white papers, guest blog posts and video etc is key.


It is a fact


Over 60% of both B2B and B2C decision makers say branded content helped them make a more informed buying decision.

It is therefore essential to provide a constant flow of quality branded content across a wide range of platforms.  This enables you to be viewed as a source of trusted information which attracts repeat visitors.


engage_visitorsThe more you engage with your visitors, the more likely you are to convert your visitors to customers.


So What’s Next

We offer a range of products and services to help you rank your content using the latest content marketing strategies.

Below is a brief introduction to our range of products and services. We also offer an exclusive all inclusive package that allows you to focus on what you are good at and let us help you by doing what we are good at.

It offers incredible value and provides a significant saving compared to purchasing the products seperately.  This package is highly recommended if you need to kick start your social media marketing with a completely hands off campaign.

Please Note:

Whilst we provide content of the highest quality at freelancer prices we not contract freelancers to provide any content so qualitywe can only provide a limited number of packages from our small in-house team, we reserve the right therefore to close the inclusive package offer below without notice.

Great Content even better prices

Here is something you dont see very often,

A link to actual prices without having to jump through hoops completing contact forms etc just to get a cost!

To get more details regarding our individual products and services that form part of overall content marketing product range please click the links below.

All Inclusive Monthly Package

Blog Commenting

Blog post/Article writing

Whiteboard Video Animation

Press Release Services


This is just a sample of our more popular product ranges, we also offer general copywriting services for sales letters, ebooks, email campaigns and white papers.  If you would like a quotation for any service not listed or you would just like to ask us a question or discuss a future project please use the support link below.


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