Blog Commenting

 It’s a fact

Google now want to see relevant high PR back links from authority websites as part of their ranking algorithm.  Gone are the days of gaming the system for some short term gains.  Unless you are set up for the long haul with 100% white hat tactics and a clear strategy you will struggle to see any real ranking gains.strategy

 The Good News

If, like the vast majority of marketers online you actually do want to do things the right way the latest changes by Google give us all a great opportunity to rank our websites by publishing great content that is topical and highly relevant.  We need to make sure we engage with the main players content-is-key1in our niche to show the search engines that we have some authority and the best possible method to find these major influencers is by leaving a well thought out comment on their blog.

 Bloggers are social people

Authority blog commenting works perfectly for Google because they know all of these comments and back links are individually moderated by the blog owner.

The blog owner has worked hard to build their own authority site so the last thing they are going to do is approve low quality comments.

Google can therefore reward the blog owner with improved rankings because they have lots of on topic comments from niche specific sites andkeep_calm the blog commenter (you) is rewarded with lots of authority passing through the do follow link back to your site. It truly is a win  win situation.

 Please Note:

This is the first stage of gaining and building authority and this method can generate lots of targeted traffic, after all, how many times have you read some blog comments and clicked through to a couple of the better comments to either get more information on the topic being discussed or just to find out more about the commenter, this is the best quality traffic you can ever hope to get and its free with this back link package.

 We build your brand

The aim of this method is to build your brand, increase your authority and drive real targeted traffic to your website.  We therefore always use your name or a brand/pen name.

box Google authorship should be set up and all posts and content should then be linked back to build your brand and authority.

This service cannot be compared with any other so called blog commenting service available online.  We manually find relevant blogs with authority in your own given niche.  We spend time to research the post and make sure our comment will get approved because we always add value.

This is not a service that puts lots of comments on non related blogs from anonymous commenter’s.  It is a labour intensive manual task that provides the strongest back link available and is highly recommended as an introduction to find and engage with the major influencers.

We highly recommend taking the monthly package of 20 comments which will provide a tremendous boost and great foundation to publish your content on.

20 do follow back links from authority blogs is enough to rank content in a blog_posting_authoritycompetitive niche using a drip feed of just 1-2 per day; this is the proof of the sheer power Google places on this type of back link post penguin

We have provided a starter pack for you to dip your toe in the water if you are still unsure but we can guarantee great improvements in any websites rankings even after just 1 month.


Blog Commenting packages

Starter Test Pack

10 Approved Comments

Minimum Site PR 2



Small Pack

15 Approved Comments

Minimum Site PR 2




(Recommended monthly drip feed)

20 Approved Comments

Minimum Site PR 2



Please Note:

Once you have made your payment you will be directed to thank you page to add the details we require.  If you wish to ask us any questions prior to placing an order please use the support desk below.

Comments can be delivered within 7 days or can be drip fed over 4 weeks.  We will provide a report with the following information.

  • Page URL of comment
  • PR of website/blog
  • Alexa Rank
  • Actual comment approved