Audacity Guide

 Why Audacity

You are about to learn an  extremely simple and do-able yet powerful process for creating professional-quality audio products without breaking the bank or your back.

Once you’ve gone through the lessons you will have at your disposal the tools and techniques necessary to spin out top-notch audio info products – audiobooks, podcasts, seminars… you name it – and all using just your computer, a simple microphone, and a 100% free tool that you can download and use all you like.
This program requires no prior knowledge of digital audio or audio-production. Not necessary.
You get a simple walk through of everything you need to know and do with clear instructions and pictures of every important screen that show you exactly what to do.


All you need here today is a computer, and an external mic of some kind to plug into that computer.

To get started please read the detailled PDF below and watch the walkthrough video


Please click here to read the pdf


Audacity walk through

Please click here to watch the video