Setting up Google+


If you don’t yet have an account set up this is the most important profile you will have and this will account for the majority of your social interactions.

To access the page to set up your account click the + link located in the Google tool bar in your Gmail account

Please take time to create a full and attractive profile and upload a good quality head shot of yourself.

If you have any image suitable for the banner please also upload this or consider getting a banner image created on fiverr.

Make sure you complete the “about” section adding your bio which needs to be informative and interesting.

Add all of your YouTube videos and any suitable photos, these can be family shots which always help to get a feel for the type of person you are.

Add links to every other social media site that holds a profile of you and add in your websites and any other websites you contribute to.

Tip for Adding Authority to Your G+ Profile

 When you are setting up your “Contributor links” in your profile spend a couple of minutes and search for the main blogs in your niche.  Most topics now have a wealth of related blogs that post regular articles that allow comments.

Go through and copy the URL of these blogs that allow comments and add the link and name in your contributor section. 

People will be constantly checking your profile when interacting with you so it doesn’t harm your cause to be associated as a contributor to the leading players in your niche.

Just make sure you do add a worthwhile comment to each blog that sticks and is published, technically you have now contributed to the site, and you will be amazed at how this can influence your readers.

Here is a screenshot of my profile and contributor to section.