How to Prepare for Author Rank


The standard way in which Google attribute Author Rank will be for an author of any web based content to tie all of their content to one Google + profile to enable Google to pass rank for that work to that individual author.

This is done using rich snippets.  I have provided a step by step guide to getting this set up and live within just a couple of days.

Authors are also ranked on the engagement factors their content produces, tweets, likes, +1’s etc and it also takes into consideration the relevancy and authority of the people engaging with this content.

Page Rank has long been the metric to measure the so called quality of a web page.

This is largely based on the number of links pointing to a web page and therefore has been open to manipulation.

How many websites do we come across with extremely poor content but millions of links and a page rank 5.

Now Google has started to address the low quality link issues with Penguin the platform is wide open to now use author rank to further drill down to ensure any future ranking is based on the actual content on the page.

What better way than to create a system that ranks individual authors or content creators and their individual ranking is passed to the web pages they feature their content on.

Page rank will still play a massive part of the ranking algorithm but it will be in association with Author rank which will eventually provide a much better metric for rank than just by page rank alone as we now have.

Author Rank Informs and Compliments Page Rank

Google actively want to you to keep the visitor

A latest development that is working right now is the ability to keep a visitors attention.

When a user clicks through to your web page or blog from the search results with rich snippets enabled and the user stays there for a period of time then clicks back to the results.

Google will automatically display more results from your website to the user in the search results.

Talk about increasing engagement and lowering your bounce rate but it’s not only about preparing to become a well connected content provider.

Your Website has to Provide Authority Information

Many people reading this report or the sales letter previously will find it hard to understand how you can become an authority website with just 30 – 40 pages of content in a relatively short period of time.

The image we may have of an authority website is 100s of pages of content on a PR6 domain with thousands of back links and dozens of page 1 rankings.

This may well have been the definition of an authority website even a year ago but times are changing.

The reason behind these changes is called Google+ and if you embrace it fully along with other key social media marketing tactics you can create an authority website generating thousands of targeted visitors in a very short period of time.