Viral Traffic Secrets


Here is what you will find in the must read 102 pages of pure gold.  This is the very latest cutting edge training delivered in pdf and videos.  Here is a taster of what is covered.

Viral Traffic Secrets – The Blueprint

Definition of viral marketing; Difference from word of mouth; Key viral marketing strategies; the passion list;Six viral marketing rules to live by;What you need to know before you begin.

Watch the video here: Viral Traffic Secrets

Creating an Online Brand

Identifying the most profitable niches;Affiliate marketing;Creating orginal products;Building your online reputation;Secrets of online marketing

Watch the video here: Create an Online Brand

Social Media Marketing

Most important social media platforms;Building your social network;How to your marketing to achieve viral results;Providing high value content;Interactive marketing;On page and off page SEO;Outsmarting the penguini

Watch the video here: Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

FREE Facebook marketing strategies;How to wall jack the most popular pages;Making paid Facebook ads profitable;Split testing and its benefits.

Watch the video here: Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Attracting twitter followers;hashtags and trending topics;retweeting strategies;tweeting for success.

Watch the video here: Twitter Marketing

Google+ Marketing

Create effective circles hang outs and huddles; Goolge + analytics;using google events for maximum exposure;paid Google+ marketing techniques

Watch the video here: Marketing with Google +

Achieving Video Viral Success

The astonishing power of video;Youtube and its benefits;ways to create viral videos;video marketing methods that still work

Watch the video here: How to acheive video viral success

Secondary Viral Marketing platforms

Watch the video here Secondary viral marketing platforms


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Viral Traffic Secret Blueprint

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Viral traffic secrets mindmap