How to Set up a Support Desk


Many relatively new marketers don’t feel they have enough business or support enquires to warrant setting up a stabd alone support desk.

Using your email for support can cause issues as I have discovered the hard way a couple of months ago when my email account started to have issues of its own just as the Warrior Plus delivery system decided not to work.

It is a stressful enough experience to launch a product so when downloads are not delivered and no one can contact you the stress levels go through the roof.

I have 3 videos below that take you through a step by step plan to set up a totally free support desk and show you how to use it to its full capacity, it doesn’t matter how big you are now, its how big you are going to be and getting a dedicated support center set up now will set you apart.

We are going to be installing an application called OSTicket which is totally FREE and very efficient


How to install the application

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How to Manage the support desk

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Advanced Methods

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