Part 2: Creating your first product

​How to Create your First Product

Part 2: Creating the Pages​

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Getting to grips with the technical side of online marketing is the main reason most people don’t actually kick on and advance their careers

Whilst it can be daunting, we all have to start somewhere and I have decided to provide a basic step by step process hopefully you can follow to get your first product launched

I gave you links to set up a free access to my gold level which has over 150 products you can rebrand as your own and you can get 14 days unlimited access to the premium platinum level for just $1 so no reason not to have a go at this starting right now

The video in the previous training  provided a step by step walk through on how to set up a lead magnet, squeeze page and a list in aweber and in this training we will edit a sales page, create a Paypal button and add files to a thank you page to deliver the product to your customers.

For the purposes of this basic training I will assume you have all of the essential services set up, if you don’t click back to part 1 here and you will find links to set up your autoresponder, hosting and membership to PLR Profits Club to access resale products that we will be using

Creating your first product

Using resale products gives you a range of options based on your experience

You can take a product and totally rebrand it using new graphics, logo, brand name etc so you have a totally unique product which provides the maximum value and ROI

This requires some know-how and experience however, so for the purposes of this training we are going to find a product with giveaway rights and a high quality product we can sell as the upsell to the free offer

Step 1

Download a product from PLR Profits Club

Unzip the product

Step 2​

Open FileZilla

Connect using your login details

Find your domain  

Create a directory for your new product using FTP

Locate the unzipped files for the sales and download pages on the left side of FileZilla (Your PC)

Hold down the shift key and use the down arror to highlight all of the files you want to transfer 

Click upload​

Once the files have transferred, right click on the sales pages, download pages and all of the files you want to deliver​ and click copy

Step 3

Open a text or word doc and paste the links 

The links need to be ammended as follows

Copy the index (Sales) page and thank you page and paste into your browser to check 

Step 4

Create a Paypal Button

Step 5

Edit the Sales Page in Kompozer

​Open the sales page in Kompozer

Make edits where required, name, image etc

If you have a buy now button image you can simply add the PayPal email code to the php link

Locate the product file from your PC

Open the site files or sales page files​

Right click on “order.php”

Paste the PayPal email code into this section and click save

Once you have finished with the edits on the sales page, save as and upload all of the files to your server following the previous instructions

If you do not have a buy now image copy the PayPal website code and paste the code in to the area you wish the button to appear

Step 6​

Edit the Download page in Kompozer

You will see the text where you need to paste in the URL of the zip files you have uploaded and copied into the text doc. Highlight the text you wish to add the link to

Click “insert”

Click “link”

Paste the URL of the zip file and click OK

Click save as

Upload all files to the server

Open the edited pages in a browser to check the buy buttons work, the zip files have been added and the overall look and feel is good

Well Done if you have completed the steps!​

You have successfully created your first product that you can sell for 100% commissions, you have a squeeze page and lead magnet to give away to build your list.

There is no excuse now not to crank products out on a weekly basis and as your confidence grows you will see other opportunites to grow your business​

The next stage of your development is to start to create sales funnels linking products to sell as One time offers and down sell products so if the customer doesn’t buy the one time offer we present them with a lower price offer to ensure we always achieve maximum revenue from the visitors we send to the free offer.

Once you have mastered the basics here, the next natural progression is to create totally unique products with full rebranding which includes logos. graphics, domain name, product review and updated sales copy​

If this is something that you may be interested in look out for my brand new book camp coaching program launching soon

This will be a unique opportunity to work closely with me over a number of weeks to build a complete sales funnel totally rebranded and unique to each member