Part 1:​ Mindset & Preperation

​How to Create your first product

Part 1:​ Mindset & Preperation

Most people get started online blogging or using social media to promote affiliate products and if they are lucky they might make a few sales

Unless they can build a big following which is extremely difficult, that model is never going to turn into a full time income opportunity and generally most people just give up

I got started with a blog and produced loads of articles that had links back to my blog where I promoted affiliate products and I did sell a few but nothing to even justify the time I was spending creating the articles never mind have any chance of generating a full time income

Back in 2011 I was getting nowhere fast and my girlfriend then who is now my wife would often ask what the hell was I doing because I would spend hours in my office to make 1 $10 sale every couple of days

It wasn’t until I stumbled on a group coaching program that the mist started to lift and finally I had a plan, the good news is I have now been full time online since 2013 and make a decent income living the life I want spending time with my family

I launched my own PLR membership back in 2013 which has gone from strength to strength with just under 2000 members so I do know a little bit about how to use resale products to make big profits online

I spent time looking at the typical online model and quickly discovered the reason most people fail is they do things the wrong way around

They try to make a success as an affiliate marketer and think that maybe at some point in the future they could progress to become a product creator


To build a long tem business online that can easily be scaled you need to focus on becoming a product creator from the very first day of your adventure

Think about it for a minute...

You need to build a list as soon as possible but with no products of your own this is going to be difficult if not impossible as a new affiliate

You want to make as much profit as possible so why generate traffic to an affiliate offer to earn 50% commission when as a product owner you earn 100% of the sale

When you are the product owner you can let other people do the hard work for you, if you get this right you can have an army of affiliates all promoting your products and sending lots of free traffic and guess what, you make the other 50% for doing little or no work

If you are starting to see the potential I have provided links below to the essential free software and paid services you will need to set up ready to create your first product and sales funnel and part 2 of this training will provide a simple step by step plan that you can follow along and have your first product live online

The video below shows you how to set up your list in aweber and download and use the free software Kompozer and Filezila.  To download and install the software click the links below

Please Click here to play the video

PayPal account to accept payments

Whilst you can find other payment platforms, PayPal is the market leader and very easy to set up. Please click this link to get your account

Html Editing software.

Kompozer is a great free tool that provides all of the basic functions required to rebrand web pages and add buy buttons etc. Please click this link access your free download, simply follow the instructions to install the software ready for use.

Unzip software

Resale products are always delivered in a zip file, this is a compressed file and to access the individual files requires this file to be unzipped. You can find lots of free and paid software to do this and I use Camunzip which is a free program. Please click this link to download and installfollowing the instructions

Hosting Account

You can find a lot of hosting companies online so feel free to check out the offers.

The company I recommend is Aweber to start out with, I started with them and they provide a great service with support and keen pricing.

The admin panel is called Fantastico which is an essential requirement from any hosting company you choose and this panel makes setting up new websites, installing wordpress etc very easy. Please click this link to set up your account

​Domain Name

Create a domain name ideally suited to your target market, PLR Profits Club is a website that enables you to make profits from PLR and it’s a membership (Club) for example

Go to godaddy and enter your name in the earh bar to check if it’s available, I use godaddy to check for domains because it’s the easiest site I have found

Once you find a domain is available, I buy my domains from but spend a few minutes checking out other sites to make sure you get the best deal, you should only pay $10 for 1 year period

FTP file transfer

To transfer the pages you create to your server requires some more free software and we use a software called Filezila.

This basically connects your hard drive with your server and you simply select the files (pages) you want to be live online and this software does the transfer. Please click this link to download and install

Autoresponder account

To automate the process of delivering content and sending emails to your new subscribers requires an autoresponder, again you can find many options but I have been with Aweber for the last 6 years and they provide a great service with outstanding support. They also provide a 30 free trial and the monthly fee starts at $19, please click here to set up your 30 day trial

Get Access to Resale Products

Get access to resale products you can sell as your own, if you are not a member of PLR Profits Club I have a free level that provides over 150 products and some basic training,

Click here to join for free

If you want to hit the ground running consider joining my premium Platinum level which currently costs $24.95 per month but the link below sets up a 14 day unlimited access trial and then it’s just $19.95 per month locked in for life.

You will find over 1400 hundred products to sell and we add 40 new products each month so a great value resource

Please click here to set up your trial​

Look out for Part 2 which will provide a detailed step by step plan to create a  product including a sales page, adding a Paypal button and download page​