WordPress Security

There are over 60 MILLION WordPress sites in the World including, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Ford, CNN, Nasa, Pepsi, Nikon, CBS, NBC Sports, DowJones & UPS.stop hacking

As WordPress is gaining a wide user following, this extremely popular platform is also a common target for hacking.

In fact, over 70% of all WordPress sites are hacked within 12 months of installation.

If you are using WordPress it is essential you take action to secure your site, these videos will detail how to add layers of security to your WordPress site.

Please click the links to open and play the videos.

Length of video: 9:11

Secure manual Install

Length of video: 5:42

Secure 1 click install

Length of video: 3:22

Secure ftp

Length of video: 3:32

Secure config

Length of video:2:38

Secure admin

Length of video: 6:20

Secure Hosting Monitoring

Length of video: 2:20

More secure passwords

Length of video: 6:56

Secure database prefix

Length of video: 5:40

Secure clean up

Length of video: 6:32

Configure BWS Plugin

Length of video: 6:15

How to prevent Brute Force attacks