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Finding back links is a laborious and thankless activity. It takes your time that could best be spent adding more value to your business. You could outsource but do have the contacts? Do you have the money? Can you trust an outsourcer to deliver?

You could automate but most of those are low value links and can actually end up harming your site or even getting it banned. Google needs your backlinks to “look natural” or you could find yourself being slapped. But.. you need to get those backlinks. Without them your competitors will be outranking you and your site income will be ZERO.

It sound like a hopeless task that just can’t be beaten………..

LINK FINDER PRO has been developed to make it fast and simple to find high quality high PR backlinks for your website and make sure your backlinks are boosted to give your website the maximum benefit.

LINK FINDER PRO Will Help You Find….

Unlimited .EDU blogs available for comments
Unlimited .GOV blogs available for comments
Unlimited .EDU forum profiles
Squidoo and Hub pages
KeywordLuv blogs for commenting
Guest blogger requests
Website directories
Unlimited forum profile links
Free blogs and membership sites

LINK FINDER PRO will help you automate

Site indexing with Google and other search engines
Social Bookmarking
Blog commenting
Drip feed backlinks
Article distribution
Backlinks from private blog network
Creating RSS feeds from your backlink pages
Mass submitting RSS feed to RSS directories
Mass pinging of backlinks

I started creating search scripts that helped me find backlink opportunities much faster. Over time I developed and improved the scripts and found that grabbing high quality high PR backlinks was actually pretty simple. Even so it still involved a lot of typing and retyping every time I wanted to search for new backlinks.

So I had a small piece of software created that had all my various scripts built in and so I could run them at the touch of a button. Add to this the ability to choose a specific niche or subject and I now I was finding backlinks in overdrive.

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Click here to download the application and your personal rights license and grab some high PR back links

The application is in a zip file, please unzip and follow the instructions to install the software

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