Internet Marketing 6 Week MP3 Coaching

Series of MP3 Recordings from prolific Product Creator Sean Mize. These recordings were recently released in April/May 2013 as WSO’s and recieved great reviews. I have selected 5 recordings per week over a 6 week period which at the end will have provided you with a great understanding of the many facets of the IM Business.

About Sean

Sean Mize initially made his “claim to fame” on ezinearticles by writing ~ 1500 articles his first 10 months in the business, then by hiring writers to write another ~23,500 – Next, Sean developed a virtual coaching program system designed to make it super easy for someone to coach 100% from home with just a telephone and an internet connection, and then wrote a book, Anyone Can Coach, to teach the system.

Now he teaches online marketers with established businesses how to increase email conversion, sell more products, create coaching programs, and automate revenue through emails.

MP3 are a great way to subliminally absorb the information and Sean has a very easy to listen to style so I hope you get time to listen to the full 4 week course. A great way is to pop in your ipod and go for a walk or just listen in your car.



Bonus 3 – Fear of Perfection

Remember, to get results you must take action and DO THE WORK.