How to Create a Sales Funnel using Paypal

In this training we will create a complete product sales funnel to include a lead capture page, free branded report, sales page offer, one time only offer and the download pages to deliver the free report and paid products.

Introduction and walk through


Lead Capture page Creation


Creating a Paypal Button and adding to sales page


Uploading content using FTP


Creating a download page and free report delivery


Basic editing required for a sale page


The following links and information provide access to the software and services required as detailled in the video modules above

PayPal account to accept payments

Whilst you can find other payment platforms, PayPal is the market leader and very easy to set up. Please click this link to get your account

Html Editing software.

Kompozer is a great free tool that provides all of the basic functions required to rebrand web pages and add buy buttons etc. Please click this link access your free download, simply follow the instructions to install the software ready for use.

Unzip software

Resale products are always delivered in a zip file, this is a compressed file and to access the individual files requires this file to be unzipped. You can find lots of free and paid software to do this and I use Camunzip which is a free program. Please click this link to download and install following the instructions

Hosting Account

You can find a lot of hosting companies online so feel free to check out the offers. The company I recommend is Aweber to start out with, I started with them and they provide a great service with support and keen pricing. The admin panel is called Fantastico which is an essential requirement from any hosting company you choose and this panel makes setting up new websites, installing wordpress etc very easy.  Please click this link to set up your account

FTP file transfer

To transfer the pages you create to your server requires some more free software and we use a software called Filezila.

This basically connects your hard drive with your server and you simply select the files (pages) you want to be live online and this software does the transfer.  Please click this link to download and install

Autoresponder account

To automate the process of delivering content and sending emails to your new subscribers requires an autoresponder, again you can find many options but I have been with Aweber for the last 6 years and they provide a great service with outstanding support. They also provide a 30 free trial and the monthly fee starts at $19, please click here to set up your 30 day trial

Product Creation

Creating products can be difficult if not impossible especially when starting out and requires a big investment in time. I have created several products of my own over the years which can take up to 2 months and the issue is, at the end of this process you really don’t know if you have a winner or something that will only sell a few copies.

If you come up with a great idea but don’t have the experience to put this product together you can create a framework of the product and get an outsource worker to create the product for you. This is not cheap however and will typically cost around $500 and then you need to get a good copywriter to write the sales copy and a graphics guy to put the pages together so with everything in you will be looking around $1000 which is obviously a big investment especially if you are just starting out.

The other option to becoming a product creator is to tap in to a ready-made product that allows you to rebrand as your own, this is called PLR (Private Label Rights) and generally you can take a PLR Product and do want you want with it (Always read the license to find out exactly what can be done with each product)

The entry level stage is to simply add your buy button and name and claim as your own and this is the quickest way to create a product you can sell for 100% profits paid instantly into your PayPal account.

Once you are proficient with using PLR Products to brand as your own you can find a cheap outsource worker to do the tasks for a few dollars per product so this is a great way to crank products out almost on a daily basis if you wish and is a great way to generate a full time income online working a few hours per week.

Finding a PLR Product

As members of PLR Profits Club you have unlimited access to a wealth of quality products you can brand as your own and sell for 100% profits.

Simply click on the PLR Products to resell module and browse the selections which are grouped by niche

For the purposes of this training we will select Turbo Cash Tactics as a product to rebrand

Click the link to download the product to your PC

Locate the zip file in your downloads folder and unzip by right clicking and selecting Camunzip

Creating the lead capture funnel

The first thing we need to do is create a great free offer to get as many visitors as possible to become your subscribers by opting in to receive your information.

Click on report and open the word document. Here you can edit as you wish, you can add links, add or remove text and add any affiliate links you have

When you are happy with the report click to export and save as PDF

Creating the lead capture page.

The first task is to create the code to add to the lead capture page that will add your subscribers to your list.

Aweber provides detailed information regarding how to set up a list so I will assume you have this part set up and we now need to generate the opt in code

When you have competed the steps to generate the code click the option that you will install the code.

Copy the “Raw HTML Code” and open Kompozer. Find Turbo Cash tactics folder and open the lead capture page

Whenever you add html code to a page you must select the option “source”




Locate the message “INSERT OPTIN CODE HERE” and paste the code from Aweber in to this area.

Click to preview and “save as”

Creating the sales and download pages

For the purposes of this tutorial we will create a Buy Now button in PayPal and add this to the sales page. In a later post we will also create a payment button in Warrior Plus

Log in to your PayPal account

In the top navigation select “Tools”



Select “PayPal business set up”

Select option B (Create payment buttons using html)

Click “Create payment button”

Button type “Buy Now”

Item name is your product description you want the customer to see




Enter the price and choose the currency

“Customise button” leave blank

“Postage” leave blank

“Merchant ID” select email and enter your email

Click “Create Button”

Add your button code to your website

In this example we have are using an “Add to Cart” image so we select “email” and copy the code.



If you don’t have a Buy Now image on your sales page you would copy the website code and paste this in the source code page where you want the button to appear on the page and the button will appear when you click preview

Open the sales page in Kompozer

Select the Buy Now Image and highlight it

Click “Source” and scroll down to find the Curser

Paste the PayPal email code

If a page has multiple Buy now buttons on the page make sure you add the code to each button

Once completed click “Save as”

Repeat on all of the additional sales pages in the funnel by creating a button in PayPal and paste the code in as above.

Uploading files to your server

Once you have created the pages for your funnel you will need to add these and the product zip files to your server.

Open Filezila and locate the domain name you want to add the files to. In this example I am using PLR Profits Club



Right click to create a new directory to hold the new content so it’s easy to find and manage

Locate the zip file for the product

Right click and add this to the upload

Right click the zip file and copy the file in the directory to your notepad

Create a URL and copy the URL

Open the download page in Kompozer

Highlight the link and click on “link”

Paste the URL of the zip file in to this space

Click “save as”

We now have all of the pages ready to upload to the server.

Find the folder in your downloads file in FileZilla

Open the folder

Locate all of the pages, so in this instance we have the

  • Squeeze page index
  • Free report PDF
  • Sales page index
  • PLR sales page
  • Download page
  • Download PLR page
  • Always make sure to add all the image and graphics files.



Please note:

If a file has 2 index.html pages, so in this instance we have the squeeze page index and sales page index you must rename 1 of these because each directory can only have 1 index.html. You will see the squeeze page has been renamed index.html1

Right click on all these pages and add to upload

When the transfer is complete right click and copy each file

Paste in to your notepad


Create the URL by removing everything before the domain name and make sure to add http:// and the extension so in this instance .com

Copy the urls to your browser to view the sales pages, download pages and PDF report.

Free report delivery

To set up automatic delivery of the free report when your subscribers confirms they want to receive your information head over to Aweber

Select messages

From the drop down select Legacy follow up messages



Select HTML message from the optionsCreate your message including the subject line

Click the chain link and paste in the URL of the free PDF report and click save

This message will now be sent immediately your subscriber confirms their request to receive your information

So there you have it, a simple method that you can apply right now to start to create your very own products.




Its time to finally build a scaleable online business

The potential is massive to really build and scale your online business, you can now create powerful lead magnets to build your list and then provide products in your name to sell to your new subscribers.

Why work as an affiliate to earn 50% commission and not capture any leads when for an hour or so of “work” you can have your own product.

Think about it, if you create just 1 new product each week you can send a couple of warm up emails highlighting a problem and then provide a solution to the problem with your very own product and this is the power of using PLR to create your own products

You will very quickly get to the next level when you can apply more advanced strategies to really skyrocket your earning potential so good luck with your adventure.

Warrior Plus Intergration

If you would like to set up your product funnel inside Warrior Plus with the added benefits of affiliate promotions please click this link to access further training