Building an Authority Website gold

The world of SEO has changed drastically even over the last 6 months and what worked previously simply doesn’t work anymore.

Google as you are most likely aware have been on a mission to clean up the world of search and over the last 2 years we have had dozens of different updates to their search algorithm, some reported but the majority not know other than by SEO professionals.

We now have a situation where many marketers simply don’t know what works and what is acceptable to Google and what doesn’t work or may be considered bad practice by Google and therefore run the risk of being penalised in the search rankings.

I don’t want to dwell on the past however suffice to say the majority of what you were doing 12 months ago to rank your websites is probably not how Google want you to do it today.

This training module will bring you bang up to date with what is working in today’s very different world of SEO

The module assumes you are building a new website and it is laid out in a step by step blueprint.

The methods and strategies discussed can easily be applied to existing websites however to give them an added boost.

It’s a good starting point to understand what the search engines and Google in particular is trying to accomplish.

We hear all sorts of propergander from various sources so let me briefly explain the logic and rationale around some of their previous changes to their ranking algorithm.

Google want to deliver relevant results to their search customers. The main aim of Google is to make money and they make the most money from selling ads either with ad words or adsense.

It makes sense then for them to want to try to make sure every search is matched as near as possible to the perfect results.

If they do this the visitor will stay on the page longer which provides more opportunity for the adsense advertiser and them of course to make money.

Over the last few months we have had update after update which has affected many websites, the penguin update focused on link quality and anchor text over optimisation.

They made some sweeping changes that hurt a lot of sites many of whom didn’t really deserve to be penalised but when you are as big as Google you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time.

It is therefore essential to always be working to “best practice” standards so you are bomb proof to any future changes they might throw at you.

The main focus though throughout all of these updates with the exception of Penguin has been to improve the overall quality of the content served up in the search results.

They started this process in earnest with the Panda update back in 2011.

We have actually had 22 more updates to this algorithm change up to now but very few get reported in the main stream media so unless you subscribe to the webmaster blog or take a close interest in all things SEO you will not be aware of them but they have been chipping away all along.

So I hope you are looking forward to getting on the right side of Google and getting some improved rankings.