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Finding back links is a laborious and thankless activity. It takes your time that could best be spent adding more value to your business. You could outsource but do have the contacts? Do you have the money? Can you trust an outsourcer to deliver?

You could automate but most of those are low value links and can actually end up harming your site or even getting it banned. Google needs your back links to “look natural” or you could find yourself being slapped. But.. you need to get those back links. Without them your competitors will be outranking you and your site income will be ZERO.

It sound like a hopeless task that just can’t be beaten………..

LINK FINDER PRO has been developed to make it fast and simple to find high quality high PR back links for your website and make sure your back links are boosted to give your website the maximum benefit.

Question: But what about the Google Penguin Penalty, are these links safe to build now?

Answer: Absolutely!

Link Finder Pro finds links based on a keyword so all of the link opportunities it finds are highly relevant.  It finds high PR blogs in your niche and finds fantastic guest blog posts for you to add content that gets valuable traffic and do follow links.

We are in a new era of SEO, you now need to engage with your followers, you need to present quality content that is picked up and shared with social media.  You also need high value high PR back links to boost this social engagement and Link Finder Pro provides the perfect too to uncover some hidden gems.

But its not restricted to finding blogs and guest post opportunities, just look at the power of the software and what it can uncover in a matter of seconds…


LINK FINDER PRO Will Help You Find….

Unlimited .EDU blogs available for comments
Unlimited .GOV blogs available for comments
Unlimited .EDU forum profiles
Squidoo and Hub pages
KeywordLuv blogs for commenting
Guest blogger requests
Website directories
Unlimited forum profile links
Free blogs and membership sites

LINK FINDER PRO will help you automate

Site indexing with Google and other search engines
Social Bookmarking
Blog commenting
Drip feed backlinks
Article distribution
Backlinks from private blog network
Creating RSS feeds from your backlink pages
Mass submitting RSS feed to RSS directories
Mass pinging of backlinks


I started creating search scripts that helped me find backlink opportunities much faster. Over time I developed and improved the scripts and found that grabbing high quality high PR backlinks was actually pretty simple. Even so it still involved a lot of typing and retyping every time I wanted to search for new backlinks.

So I had a small piece of software created that had all my various scripts built in and so I could run them at the touch of a button. Add to this the ability to choose a specific niche or subject and I now I was finding backlinks in overdrive.

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Things were much better now but I soon realized this little tool could be SO MUCH BETTER.

I knew there were still three parts of the puzzle that I needed to make the picture complete.

  • Variation and variety in my backlinks to make my site look very natural to Google.
  • I needed Google to index my backlinks to make sure my sites benefited from the backlinks.
  • I wanted some automated backlinks to help “bulk up” my backlink portfolio

You may be surprised at how few high quality backlinks you need to make a significant impact on your site rankings. However Google needs to see natural link building. Just having a lot of high PR backlinks wont look at all natural. So although it may seem counter intuitive you actually need to build in some lower quality links to make your link portfolio look more natural.

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Also you need to make sure you get every ounce of benefit from every single link. You work hard enough to get them so you need to make sure they count. To do that you need to get them indexed. To do that you need to build even more links to your backlinks.

Thats Right, Backlinks To Your Backlinks!

So we scoured the web for suitable free online tools, tested them and chose the best ones to to add to LINK FINDER PRO.

We created an automation page in LINK FINDER PRO, pulling all the required tools into one place. This means that just by clicking few buttons you can:

  • Get your new sites indexed with Google in hours. No waiting for days before anyone can even find your site.
  • The faster you get indexed the faster you can get ranked.
  • You can drip feed backlinks to your sites giving Google ongoing backlinks to find. Google will see your site has a steady growth of backlinks – all very natural.
  • Create RSS feeds for all your backlinks in one go, multiplying your backlinks.
  • Mass post your RSS feeds to the RSS directories to multiply your backlinks even more and to get you main backlinks indexed faster.
  • Mass ping all your backlinks so the search engines know there new content to crawl and index. Getting your backlinks even more exposure and getting them indexed faster.
  • Getting a variety of automated backlinks to your site that won’t get you penalised but will give you greater link diversity.
  • Get access to a private blog network for free article distribution with in context backlinks
  • Get access to another private blog network for automated backlinks via a free WordPress plugin.

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 LINK FINDER PRO is your one stop shop for Massive Rankings!

With LINK FINDER PRO you will

  • Save hours of boring research looking for backlinks
  • Have more time to focus on your business
  • Increase web site rankings
  • Increase web site revenues
  • Reduce the stress from the drudge work of link building
  • Focus your searches on high quality links
  • Never have to buy backlink packets again
  • Never be stuck for where to find more backlinks
  • Never have to accept low quality backlinks
  • Get a tutorial video covering all the software functions



Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that Link Finder Pro will solve all of your backlink requirements that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out Link Finder Pro for 30 days and if you haven’t increased your rankings significantly, then I don’t want your money. Simply contact me at  and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full.

And Then There’s More…

Ever wondered how your competitor always seems to be one step ahead in the rankings no matter what you do? With Link Finder Pro you can spy on any websites back links and simply replicate to sky rocket your rankings.  This is the quickest way to success, why guess and second guess if your comments or profile links will stick and get indexed? simply copy all of your competitors back links that are already indexed for a quick effortless boost to your rankings.  Once you have the majority of their links keep plugging away and within days you will be ahead in the listings and well on your way to position 1.

OK, So what is the cost?

The Cost Of The Personal License is just $7.97 

The Commercial License is only $14.97

This payment includes FREE lifetime updates

One Time Payment – Instant Access!

Here’s a thought though, why not take advantage of the commercial license and give it to an outsourcer to find the links for you.  With the 2 tutorial videos and an unlimited  license it is a simple task to create a  set of instructions to get loads of high PR backlinks for peanuts.

When you consider what you can expect to pay for this type of link the cost of the license is an absolute bargain.

Please read the license conditions below and click to purchase the option best suited to you.

Personal Rights License

[Can] Install on one PC and one laptop that you own
[Can] Use the application for your personal use
[Cannot] Use to supply third party services
[Cannot] Claim the application as your own
[Cannot] Sell the application
[Cannot] Give away for free
[Cannot] Give away as bonus
[Cannot] Add to free membership sites
[Cannot] Install application an a computer not owned by you

Commercial License

[Can] Install any numbers of computers owned by your company
[Can] Install any numbers of Virtual Assistant’s computers that work for you.
[Can] Use the application for your personal use
[Can] Use to supply third party services
[Cannot] Claim the application as your own
[Cannot] Sell the application
[Cannot] Give away for free
[Cannot] Give away as bonus
[Cannot] Add to free membership sites
[Cannot] Install application an a computer not owned by you

Personal License


Commercial License




Here’s what some marketers had to say after using this software…

This is exactly what I need to keep all of my search strings and automation links in 1 place.  I have been commenting on blogs for a while now and creating RSS feeds and pinging to get indexed but it is time consuming and messy having to open up individual windows and search for new search strings.  For the price this is a no brainer and I have also learnt how to find out my competitors profile links which makes it worth double the cost just for that.  If you want to get high PR links spending less than 1 hour every couple of days this is a must have bit of software.


I got this nifty little piece of software this morning and spent the afternoon playing around with it.

It’s a steal at twice the price…


I like this product because it puts everything in one place -as my main problem is organisation, I find this extremely useful. I never remember how to manually find the blogs i need to on google so this helps quite a bit with not to actually have to make note of everything and every syntax to use when searching for specific things.

As I love to write manual comments on blogs, find blogs, but not spam them on auto – this is perfect. If you want to post comments automatically then this isn’t for you. Its for writing non spammy related comments manually.

Because the price is so cheap, I would recommend to others who want to keep things tidy, or others like myself with trouble organising.

There’s so many sites to remember I find having them all in one place on a nifty program like this is great.


To Your Success

David Henry

PS. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like Link Finder Pro, simply contact me at  and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

PPS. Which one is more valuable to you? $15 or getting to Page 1 Of Google in a matter of  days? I’m sure the answer is the later…