Setting up the Basics

To get started you will need to set up the following accounts, I personally use the following companies who all provide excellent service and value for money and come with my highest recommendation

You do need to make a small monthly investment if you want to get the maximum benefits from using PLR.

To register a domain name can cost from as little as 99 cents but is around $10 for the first year.

A good hosting account that provides unlimited domain names is less than $10 per month and an autoresponder that allows you to capture customers email addresses to send automated emails to is $19 per month.

So in month 1 you need around $40 to set up and then a monthly investment of $30 going forward, bearing in mind you get instant access to a vault of existing PLR and you get 40 new products per month uploaded to the members area so you only need to make a handful of sales to recoup your investment and every sale after the first couple is pure profit

Video 1

How to register a domain name

Click here to set up a domain name with Godaddy

Video 2

How to set up a hosting account with Hostgator

Click here to set up your hosting account with Hostgator

Video 3

Cpanel basics

Video 4

Pointing a domain

Video 5

Setting up email in Cpanel

Video 6

Setting up email forwarding

Video 7

Fantastico Overview

Video 8

Checking web stats in Cpanel

Aweber Autoresponder

Click here to set up your autoresonder account with Aweber

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