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Using Press Release’s for Maximum Exposure


Still the most effective single strategy to promote any business and not widely used by a lot of marketers.

A big misconception is that to successfully submit a Press release requires a major expense, getting a professional press release written and then employing the services of a major Press release submission service with typical costs of $300 – $400.

The good news is with a little training anyone can write and submit a press release using totally free services so I will provide the basics of what I feel is important to get your first press release out to the masses.

I have also provided a list of around 250 free press release submissions sites at the end of this section

First of all the aim of a press release is to provide newsworthy content, the launch of your new website or revamped existing website is certainly current news and as such needs to be promoted to the masses in a professional manner.
Use as a launch strategy

Most marketers using press releases in their marketing efforts will issue 1 maybe 2 per month at the very best.

A key strategy to get the maximum exposure from a press release campaign for a new site and therefore gain as much authority as possible is to set up a series of releases over a period of time.

This is a common strategy for many big corporate launches but it can be very successful even for smaller niche marketers.

You should have set up your website using the 5 sub topic keywords and you are using these as categories for your site set up.

Write a 400 – 500 word press release around each topic, if you are not comfortable writing a press release you can find several options to have a release written and submitted.

Rewrite each release completely. Please don’t spin it, you will need to rewrite each paragraph so its 100% unique, again if you don’t want to undertake this personally you can get it done very cheaply

The launch sequence

You now have 5 original press releases which have been rewritten once each to 100% uniqueness making a total of 10 original releases.

Select 5 – 10 press release submission sites from the list of free press release sites below and submit the first release to them.

Spend a couple of minutes to browse around and look for high PR sites in your niche that allow anchor text back links and your site URL in the release.

Select another 5 – 10 and submit the next original release to them in 3 days.

Repeat this process with the other 3 original press releases and then repeat the process with the rewritten copies.

You can create a viral buzz very quickly providing you have written compelling copy that is picked up by the major news sites and smaller niche related blogs.

This launch sequence will keep your new site and brand in the news and ranking on Google for the category keywords for several weeks but the main focus is concentrated over a 30 day launch period.

This is a great initial boost to gaining authority and building brand awareness in the early days of your launch.

Tips to writing a good press release

This strategy requires 5 original press releases based on your 5 website categories which some marketers initially find difficult to produce. You can quite easily outsource this but you must ensure the press releases are providing content in a newsworthy manner not as a blatant advertisement.

The title is the most important single element and this must grab the reader’s attention instantly.

The press release should always be written in the third party and an ideally set up should be as follows,


Always ensure you have your keyword in the title, ideally the first couple of words


This is an snippet of the press release and it must grab the attention of the reader and sum up the content in a maximum of 200 words.

Don’t put any links in this summary but do ensure you have the keyword in the first line, it may be picked up and used by some sites instead of publishing the release in full but generally the main article will always be published.

Main Body

This is the key section to providing the content and this is where you will place the back links. (Please check with each Press release submission service you choose, all of the paid options will allow at least 1 anchor text link in the body, some of the free options will only allow a full URL link in the company information section)

Try to get the keyword in the first line of the body and where ever it can be added naturally.

The body needs to be around 400 words and written in a third party manner. Consider using bullet points if applicable and place your links as anchor text if allowed.


If you choose a submission service that allows more than 1 anchor text link ensure you always link to a separate page on your website or blog. If you for instance have 2 links and you use the same page to link to twice, Google will not recognize the second link so in this instance you would link to your keyword page or post and then the second link would go to the home page.

Call to action

Always have a call to action in the body of the press release, this is where you direct your readers to get more information, use anchor text to link back to your site but make sure you use different text for each separate release.

Company Information.

Add the relevant company information and use the website URL as a back link.

Contact information.

Add the details of the person to contact regarding the press release adding the email address and website URL if possible.

Always add in the Google+ profile link to this section if allowed by the individual press release submission service.

Important Prior to publication

Always publish the press release on to your own website or blog and ensure it is indexed in Google by submitting to Google+ BEFORE submitting to any submission service.

It is very important you are credited with the first publication to ensure maximum link juice is passed to your pages. Create a press release section within your website and link each release internally with the others using keyword anchor text.

Here is an example of press release (I have highlighted the keyword it was optimised for, David Henry Marketing)

David Henry Marketing Set to Launch Software Division

UK based marketing company, David Henry Marketing is launching a software division aimed at helping small to medium business automate many of the manual tasks now required in today’s world of social media.
Google have recently started to put a lot of emphasis on using social media in the correct way, there is no better vote or recommendation for a company’s website or products and services than a genuine referral or recommendation via any one of the hundreds of social media channels.
Research has proven though that the majority of business is still getting social media wrong and very few actually make a profit out of their activities. The classic case in question was General Motors pulling away from using Facebook as an advertising platform for this very reason earlier in 2012.
UK based David Henry Marketing have spent a considerable time researching trends and software requirements for using social media successfully. They claim the number 1 reason for not getting results is the inability to syndicate content correctly and the time this takes doing it manually.
David Henry says” we have looked long and hard at the positives and negatives of using social media, we have found the vast majority of companies we have talked to are disenchanted with the whole process and many have already written it off as a loss making exercise.

Our new software suite will include tools to quickly and easily syndicate content to the right sites in the format Google wants and it will build valuable links or votes back to the main website which in turn will improve a website rankings and therefore drive more traffic to the site”.
The whole industry of SEO and online marketing has been turned full circle recently, first they had the Google Panda update aimed at improving the quality of the content available online and more recently they have had the penguin update which was more serious and had massive implications to tens of thousands of companies.
It is quite clear social media is playing a bigger and bigger part in the way the search engines rank a website so shunning it as a fad or loss making exercise is no longer an option.
Every business both online and offline needs to consider their own social media strategy and put a program in place to build the platforms needed to take full advantage of this rapidly growing medium, the industry is quite clear, those who do will prosper, those who don’t will find it difficult to survive.
David Henry Marketing is launching its software suite, Social Media Power Pack officially on 18th October, 2012 and they say early demand for information has been overwhelming. As part of the pre launch you can get a free 40 page guide to effective social media marketing by visiting the website http//

Summary (200 characters max)
Software division to be launched by David Henry Marketing aimed specifically at helping small to medium companies automate many social media tasks.
Company History
David Henry Marketing is based in the UK and specializes in online marketing and software development. Visit the blog to get some great free tips and tactics for better search engine rankings.

David Henry Marketing
5 Spencer Green
South Yorkshire
S60 4NR

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