Premium PLR/MRR/RR Products to Sell, Use and Giveaway

The products listed below have various licenses so please ensure you are aware of what you can and cant do with the products.

Here is the broad definition of the 3 different licenses available in this members area. You will see the type of license each product comes with directly under the image.

MRR – Master Resale Rights

Generally you can sell the rights for your customer to also resell the product. It can generally be edited and claimed as your own and this is the easiest and quickest way to get a product to market.

RR – Resale Rights

Generally you can sell this product as your own but you can not pass any rights to your customer to resell the product. This product therefore will have Private use only rights

PLR – Private Label Rights

These products can be edited or broken up into smaller packages or combined with other products to make a unique package only available from you. The license of each product must be read to ensure you are fully aware of what is allowed. It may offer PLR for personal use only so you can edit or repackage but only sell the product with personal use rights to your customer, if the license allows resale or even master resale rights you can then package up and sell for more.