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Fellow SEO,

Are you sick of building back links and promoting your site with social media yet still getting ZERO traffic for your efforts?no_traffic

Well the good news is by the end of this letter you’ll know exactly what you need to do get the top rankings in your niche.

David and I have been running SEO campaigns for years now and there’s one undeniable trend. Google is getting smarter.

What does that mean for SEOs like you and me? It’s time we stop trying to “game” Google.

Here’s the cold hard truth. Google is getting better and better at identifying “fake” back links and social signals.


No longer it is enough to spam some blog networks or forums and expect results

You can waste a lot of time and money flogging that dead horse!

This doesn’t mean SEO is harder, it’s just different.

In fact, right now there is a huge opportunity for people that pull their heads out of the sand and pay attention to what’s happening…

Play by the right rules and you can expect excellent results while everyone else is still crying over the last algorithm update.

So what exactly does effective SEO in 2013 look like?

I’ll cut right to the chase because I know your time is important.

You need to engage with the major influencers in your niche to demonstrate your authority.


What does this mean and how do you achieve it?


Well, social media is playing a big part but simply liking re tweeting or g+1 other peoples content is not enough to make any difference and it certainly won’t get you the rankings you want.

20_followersIt’s not rocket science really, if it was just a case of getting social signals on your website you can buy all of the social proof you need for a few dollars on fiverr but Google is fully aware of this.

The only method that is tried and tested and has stood the test of time is to find authority websites that you can engage with to build trust and increase your own authority.

Makes sense that if you contribute to a conversation or provide answers to an issue raised in a blog post on a highly trusted authority blog by leaving a well thought out blog comment you will be viewed as an authority figure in your given niche and duly rewarded with a high PR “Do Follow” back link.

It’s The Perfect Back Link For Google


Authority blog commenting works perfectly for Google because they know all of these comments and back links are individually moderated by the blog owner.blog_posting_authority


The blog owner has worked hard to build their own authority site so the last thing they are going to do is approve low quality comments.


Google can therefore reward the blog owner with improved rankings because they have lots of “on topic” comments from niche specific sites and the blog commenter (you) is rewarded with lots of authority passing through the “do follow” link back to your site. It truly is a win – win situation.

So really, it is very simple.


You need a system to find the major influencers in your niche that will allow you to place a backlink on their sites.

It means getting backlinks from REAL authority sites in your niche. The sites that ALREADY rank for your keywords and are on topic for your niche.

These backlinks are super powerful for 3 big reasons…


Traditionally this has been time consuming, expensive, and outright tedious but David and I are bringing you a method and piece of software that makes getting high value back links from major authority sites incredibly easy!

Want to see it in action,

Check out this demonstration below where David will show you how easily he can get a backlink from a real authority site

Can You See How Powerful This Is

Are You Starting To See The Massive Potential

This Is Essential Software For Every Marketers Tool Box

Spend even 15 minutes a day on this simple method and you can have dozens of ultra powerful back links within a few short weeks!

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Our Software Makes Traditional Blog Commenting

10x More Powerful By:




Comment Commander Pro is a solid software that doesn’t rely on loopholes or black hat strategies. It provides marketers with a tool to help them take back control of their own SEO and provides the perfect platform to really ramp up their social media engagement.

In addition you can also find powerful .edu and .gov blogs and discover 1000′s of guest blog post opportunities specific to your own niche.

You have the option to search for any age of post or you can specify the last 15 days, 15 – 30 or 30 – 60 days old which ensures you get the very latest “hot off the press” content.

The software has been developed to provide a total solution and includes…

  • Cutting edge Software finds a range of high PR “do follow” blog postscomment_box_white_723x728
  • Finds up to 100 blogs per search type that allow comments (5 search types available)
  • Finds powerful .gov/.edu opportunities
  • Search by age of post to find the latest hot topics
  • Saves URL’s to built in database
  • Add new URLs to the database
  • Checks for Approved Comments
  • Saves to CSV file
  • Exports to Bulkping for rapid indexing
  • Finds niche related Guest blog post opportunities

and much more…

Finds the highest Authority in seconds


Check out the page rank and site rank of some of the posts that the software has found in less than 1 minute for the keyword online marketing

This is the results from just 1 type of search, the software has 5 different options built in so up to 500 results that allow comments per keyword.

Add New URLS to the data base

This software has been developed to provide you with every possible feature to make your task very easy to accomplish. The software is designed to return only 1 post per URL, this ensures you get up to 100 DIFFERENT URLs.

add_urlWe have added a great feature that allows you to copy and paste other URLs in to the software database that are then included in the approval process along with your other saved URLs.

If you are using the software to its fullest capacity you should take a minute or 2 to browse the blogs you have found looking for other “on topic” posts you can also leave a comment on.

You may click on a couple of the other commenters links and discover other high PR Authority sites that allow comments so from just 1 URL the software has found, you can litrally have dozens of other great opportunites.

If you do find other posts and leave a comment, simply copy the URL and paste in to the software and it will be saved along with the other URLS you have commented on.

Automatically checks for approved Comments

A tiedous part of blog commenting is having to continually revisit the site to check for approval. Sometimes this may take a couple of days so you can find yourself checking back more than you would want to using time that could be spent leaving other comments.


Simply add your target URL and select the saved results you wish to check for approval, the software goes off to check each individual blog and turns the status from pending to approved.

Simply save the approved comments to your local drive by clicking “Export” and submit to the mass pinging service within minutes for super fast indexing.

This is Extremely Powerful Software That in Just 30 Minutes Per Day Can Provide All Of The Targeted Traffic and Authority Back Links You Can Handle.

Think about it, in 30 minutes you can easily find 6-8 blogs that you can spend 4-5 minutes reading before leaving a well scripted comment with ultra powerful “do follow” back link

You have seen the massive traffic potential some of the high traffic blogs can produce in the demo but if on average you only got 5 visitors per day from each comment you left and you added just 5 new comments per day you would be generating around 500 laser targeted visitors MONTH ON MONTH!

Not random visitors with no connection or requirement for your product or services, these are laser targeted visitors actually interested in your niche and your PRODUCTS!

And the added benefit to the laser targeted traffic is…


Imagine what you could achieve if you put your mind to it,

Imagine what you could achieve putting this software in your VAs hands!

Imagine what you could sell this as a service for, typically you will pay around $2 per backlink for a manual approved comment on a PR 4 + Blog, New business venture anyone!

Now you have an easy to complete solution to building massive authority and driving targeted traffic.

So lets quickly recap exactly what you are getting today…


Now I know you are keen to see just how much this software is going to cost. It is without doubt the most powerful flexible software available anywhere online at any cost.

Now dont just take my word for it. Before this launch we tested the software and performance with a small 7 day campaign on the Warrior Forum.

Here is what a couple of genuine paying customers had to say…



testimonial-3 testimonial-4 testimonial-5 testimonial-6 testimonial-7 testimonial-8 testimonial-9 testimonial-10

So You have seen this powerful software in action in the demo video and read a couple of genuine reviews from real paying customers, But to make this a no brainer decision so you can pick up your copy right now I am going to give you a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee

Thats right, try it for 30 days and if you dont think its worth at least 5 times the cost you are paying today simply open a support ticket and we will refund every penny back, no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for?

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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To Your Success


David Henry


Don’t you think its about time that you took back control of your own SEO? In just 30 mins per day you can drive all the traffic you can handle and sky rocket your rankings high PR links from relevant websites.


As a fellow marketer I highly recommend you don’t waste this opportunity, love it or leave it, the risk is all on me with my unconditional 30 day money back guarantee