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I am an experienced copywriter and SEO Consultant specializing  in the internet marketing niche.  I have produced several top selling training guides and reports focusing on the latest SEO strategies and have produced top selling sales letters.  I also offer a press release writing and submission service.

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Bronx Injury Lawyers Launch New Website

 New York’s Personal Injury law firm, The Law Offices of  Stuart M. Kerner, P.C. have launched a dedicated website to represent people from New York and the surrounding areas on all matters of personal injury as the premier bronx injury lawyer:

 Providing free online resources and useful links, the new bronx injury lawyer website helps to guide you through all aspects of a personal injury claim.

 Founded by Stuart M. Kerner, Esq. in 1997, the firm has built up a solid reputation for a commitment to vigorously fight to protect the rights of people seriously injured. This level of dedication carries through to its team of qualified attorneys and legal assistants who all work hard to assist the law firm in processing cases. 

 Attorney Stuart Kerner says, “At our law offices we understand how important it is to our clients that the law firm operates effectively and efficiently.  We do our utmost to ensure that our clients are kept fully informed and advised of the status of their case.  We work very hard to move the case thru the Court system as fast and efficiently as possible while always providing our legal services in a professional manner.

We treat every client with the respect they expect and deserve. We pride ourselves on being a law firm that strives to have excellent attorney-client relationships. That is our pledge to you” 

 The firm is based in the Bronx and handles claims throughout New York and the surrounding areas.  The new website has been designed to provide as much free valuable information as possible on all aspects of personal injury and provides a point of contact so the injured party can get the right help and advice quickly and directly from a bronx injury lawyer.


 The website address is

 Contact details are as follows:

 269 W 231st Street (2 blocks west of Broadway)
Bronx, New York 10463

 Telephone: tool-free (866) 293 – 1616

 Email: Launch Uks first Get Out Of Debt Community

Debt Management specialists, is delighted to announce the launch of their new website and the Uks first get out of debt community. have been providing help and advice on UK debt management issues since 2002.  Over the last couple of years increasing numbers of consumers have been looking for help to try to put their own house in order without the need for professional help which prompted to totally revamp their website and create the first UK get out of debt community.

CEO, David Johnson says “ Not everyone facing serious debt issues needs to put a professional solution in place and the vast majority of our first time visitors are looking for nothing more than help and inspiration to try to get a better understanding of the situation they find themselves in.

We have created a community of like minded people who can share their experiences or ask questions to others who may well have been in the same position at some point.

We have a free advice line to help on specific solutions such as debt management plans (DMP) or Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and we provide a range of professionally prepared reports that provide detailed information to enable the visitor to better understand the options available.”

If you are facing serious debt issues or just want to better understand the steps needed for better debt management visit  They have a vast selection of information freely available  including detailed information on DIY Debt Solutions, Professional Debt Management Plans, IVAs and Bankruptcy.

They do not provide any professional services directly, they have looked at the range of professional debt management advice in the UK and only recommend qualified Insolvency Practitioners with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  To further ensure you are provided with the best possible advice and care, all of the employees of the Insolvency practitioner are registered onto the official DRF qualification course, Certificate in Debt Resolution (CertDR). This qualification involves 210 hours of study and three examinations.

If you too are facing debt issues and need some debt management help and advice visit  Join in the forum or visit the blog, they are providing a refreshing change to dealing with debts and they have helped thousands of people get their life back on track


Contact Information

Website: Ltd
Mc Gowan House, Waterside
The Lakes, Bedford Road
Northampton, NN47 7XD


Woodrow Weight Loss Centres Launch New Website

 Woodrow Weight Loss Centres are delighted to announce the launch of their new website,

 Based in Ontario, Woodrow Weight Loss Centers offer doctor supervised weight loss programs  which  include an initial evaluation with a physician, an extensive medical and diet history, body composition analysis, metabolic rate testing using state of the art indirect calorimetry and blood testing.

 The centre is owned by Dr Woodrow who has over 20 years experience in helping people achieve lasting weight loss by improving their eating habits with doctor supervised weight loss programs.  He says, “ The heart and essence of our clinic and programs is lasting weight loss with a focus on the diet and how to stay on the diet. Our goal is not only to help you attain your ideal weight but to also help you maintain that hard earned weight loss whether it be 10 lbs. or 110 lbs. No matter how much weight you lose the goal of the program is to keep that weight off ”

 After a doctor supervised weight loss evaluation the various diet regimens and the centrers approach to weight maintenance will be explained.  You will normally then start the diet the following week.  Medications or supplements that assist in achieving a healthy weight are prescribed when medically indicated during this evaluation.

 The centre is also the first in Canada to offers the revolutionary Body Focus System featuring The Cleanse21/10 Weight Control Plan; the first medical weight loss program designed to remove toxins, reduce body fat and restore nutritional balance. This weight control plan will help you achieve a healthy percentage of body fat, good muscle tone and an overall well-balanced system without starvation diets, harsh tasting drinks or spending a small fortune. For those looking to detoxify and lose weight, this 10 week program is just what your doctor ordered.

 To celebrate the launch of the new website, the centre is offering a free doctor supervised weight loss body fat analysis.  Please visit the website  or contact the centre to arrange your free consultation.


 Author: Adrian Woodrow, M.D.

 101 Theodore Place
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 8E4

toll-free (866) 240-2281


Example of a training guide Snippet

Author Rank Uncovered

 Panda Vs Author Rank

The Panda update was quite a belt and braces approach to cleaning up the quality of content and was made with a “one size fits all” approach which in hindsight didn’t really address the problems of quality.

It is a domain level filter that attempts to distinguish between high and low quality sites.  It basically uses the number of documents on a site as a factor to determine quality, the major issue has been it has no way to dertmine what is good and bad content.

Author rank on the other hand goes much much deeper to address the quality issues, it’s a page level application based on the authority and reputation of the author which will make Panda seem like a walk in the park.

Make no mistake, Author Rank will be a major influence on future rankings, here is the last paragraph from the official announcement made back in June 11,  “We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re looking closely at ways this mark-up could help us highlight authors and rank search results”

Now we have seen the first stage of the process to highlight and spotlight authors of great content using rich snippets in the search results,
Ask yourself this question…if you were Google how much longer would you wait to actually implement this data to produce better search results.  In my opinion it’s on its way very very soon and we need to be ready now if we are to get any market advantage over our competitors

Author Rank by Topic

Author rank can encompass more than one topic.  The patent clearly states,

“The agent ranks can optionally also be calculated relative to search terms or categories of search terms. For example, search terms (or structured collections of search terms, i.e., queries) can be classified into topics, e.g., sports or medical specialties, and an agent can have a different rank with respect to each topic.”

The key point here is to understand if you produce content on different topics not all of your content will be assigned the same author rank.
If you are  in the dog training niche, content published broadly in the dog training niche will be based on your existing author rank score achieved by your previous success of publishing content and getting social engagement for that content in that niche.

If you then publish content on a completely different topic you will in effect have no author score and will be starting from zero for that particular topic.
This has implications into future products and niches and is another example of Google wanting to see real experts specializing in 1 topic or product, the risk of not doing so is to become a reasonable authority at best in 2 – 3 product niches compared to the “go to guy” in one.










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