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Subject: How to start making monthly recurring sales today...

Dear Marketer,

Imagine making a sale today and getting paid from that sale every single month from now for the next 12 months.

No need to do any extra promotions, or do any kind of work, just check your emails and you'll have those payments right there waiting for you.

Now, imagine making just 30 sales in the next 30 days (just 1 sale per day) and having each of those 30 sales continue to pay you every single month.

So that would mean each month you would automatically have 30 sales without doing any extra work...

...sounds like a pipe-dream?

It's's a reality for people right now, and it will become a reality for you too when you have your own profitable membership site!

You Need To Have Your Own Membership Site!

Starting your own profitable membership site is not only a great way to make money online, it's also a great source of security because that money is consistent and stable.

When you're able to make a sale once and have members paying you automatically month after month, it gives you a reliable and predictable income you can count on.

It also gives you the comfort of a truly "set it and forget it" income stream, that will allow you to work on other projects to continue adding more income streams to your online business.

You probably already know all this and you've already imagined how great it would be to have your own membership site...

...but something has always held you back from actually starting one.

Let's face it...

The Only Problem For You Is It's Not Easy Starting A Membership Site!

First you have to come up with the idea of what content you're going to be providing each month.

Then you have to actually create that content...each and every month.

Not to mention you have to create the sales page, write the sales copy, setup the membership system, promote the membership, get subscribers who will turn into members eventually... fact it's really hard to build your own membership site from scratch!

But that shouldn't stop you from benefiting from having your own membership site.

It's Complicated And Costly But NOW It Is Possible!

The key here is to not build a membership site that goes on indefinitely (continues until members cancel), but have one that is a fixed term membership. So your members signup for 3 months, or 6 months, or 12 months, and you know you only need to create content for that fixed term.

The question is: how do you build your own membership site without all the hassle of content creation, sales page creation, writing sales copy, setting up membership pages...?

Well, that's exactly where PLR Supremacy comes in!

We're giving you the ultimate shortcut to having your own profitable membership site without the $1000s production costs, without the weeks and weeks of hassle, and without the headaches!




6 Figure Reports
Membership Site In A Box


Slap Your Name On This Membership Site And Start Selling It As Your Own!

You're about to get your own done for you membership site in a box that you can simply setup right away and start promoting as your own membership site!

So you can literally start receiving recurring payments within the next 2 hours or less!

This is a 12 month fixed term membership site that takes your members from absolute beginner to earning as much as 6 figures online within the next 12 months.

Here's Everything You're Going To Get:

Module 1: 12 Months Of Ready-To-Go Content

Each month your members will receive a report that details a specific strategy that they need to focus on to make money online. The aim is to get them to focus on that strategy and on the action-steps in the report each month.

Here's what will be covered each month:

  • Month 1: How to get your first affiliate sales in the next 6 days
  • Month 2: 27 different ways to promote your affiliate offers
  • Month 3: 3 evergreen strategies to making more sales from your list
  • Month 4: How to write better emails to convert subscribers into buyers
  • Month 5: How to make more sales by writing better content
  • Month 6: How to earn 10x more by offering various services
  • Month 7: 23 ways to grow your business that nobody else is doing
  • Month 8: How to create your own membership site for recurring income
  • Month 9: How to secure profitable JV deals that will send buyers to you
  • Month 10: 8 effective ways to get super affiliates to promote your offers
  • Month 11: How to run a wildly profitable webinar
  • Month 12: How to double your profits with powerful upsells

All these blueprints have already been created for each of the 12 months, and are ready for you to provide to your members through your membership site. All the content is fresh, and uniquely created in house by our writers; you won't find this content anywhere else!

Module 2: Professionally Designed Sales Page

Of course you're getting a professionally designed mini site that will have your sales page looking great and ready to convert visitors into members.

Comes in html format

Module 3: High Converting Sales Letter

No sales page would be complete without some high converting sales copy that has been written by our own professional in-house copywriter.

Comes in html format

Module 4: All Necessary Pages

In addition to your sales page, you're also going to get all the necessary pages you need, including the thank you page, affiliates page, all legal pages, and download pages.

Module 5: High Converting Squeeze Page

To help you promote your new membership site we're also providing you with a high converting squeeze page that will allow you to capture subscribers onto your list.

Comes in html format

Module 6: Professionally Written Free Report

No squeeze page would be complete without a high quality, professionally written free report to give away, and that's exactly what we're also giving you. The report is written in a way that will not just provide valuable content to subscribers, but it will also presell them on your membership site.

Comes in docx format

Module 7: 7 Email Followup Series

There's little point getting people onto your list if you're not going to email them, so that's why we're also giving you 7 emails you can simply upload into your autoresponder service that will provide your subscribers with more high quality content and at the same time presell them on your membership.

Module 8: Complete Private Label Rights (PLR)

You're getting complete Private Label Rights to this package, which means you can put your name on all the sales material and sell the membership as your own, rebrand it with new graphics, a new name, anything...

Here's a complete list of your rights:

Basically you can do anything you want to sell the membership site as your own, and your members get basic PLR to edit the sales systems but they cannot resell them or pass on any other rights except personal use rights.

Module 9: Complete Setup Instructions

We're not just going to give you everything and leave you hanging when it comes to setup...we're going to walk you through every single step of the way with these setup instructions, even if you're not too comfortable with all the technical stuff.


So You Get Your Own Membership Site And Everything You Need To Promote It!

You can seriously have your own coaching offer up and running, with all the content ready to go, within the next 60 minutes or less...seriously!

Think about long would it take for you to build your own coaching offer like this?

Save Yourself A Heap Of Time!

How many weeks or months would you spend to create all this, or would you just stop and move on to something else before even finishing it?

Now what if you hired a team of outsource workers to get it all done for much would that cost?

Well, let's break it down real quick.

So you're looking at over $2,000+ in production costs if you got an outsource team to create a membership site for you!

...I'm not sure many people have that kind of cash lying around.

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