Solo Ads Explained

Solo ads have gone through a tough time recently due to an influx of new sellers that used shady tactics at best and down right dishonest at worst selling bot generated clicks and fake sign ups

The industry seems to have started to clean up their act and providing you can find a vendor that is selling clicks from his real list of real people solo ads are the fastest way to build a list and make sales

The following video training walks through the pros and cons and also provides a solid background so if you do ever want to test the water you will have the basics covered

It is still important to note though that due diligence must be carried out on all vendors prior to any order being placed and I have added a couple of links to reputable sources that sell solo ads that have measures in place to weed out the fakes and remove any bot generated traffic so at least you are getting real live clicks from real people

The rest is up to you to make sure you always send the traffic to a squeeze page never a direct sales offer and also build a strong funnel so you can generate sales form the OTOs to help with the upfront ad costs


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