Done for You is Great but "Done with You" is even Better!

"Done for you" Product Creation is the fastest way to hit the ground running with your own products to sell

I know because I provide bespoke sales funnels to many of my customers


What about when you need another product or a complete sales funnel building?

Things can now start to get expensive

I recently launched a complete automated selling machine sales funnel and the customers that got this all thought it was a fantastic investment

But it was only after we delivered the completed funnels did I start to get feedback about how complicated it all seemed to be

And how the majority of these customers thought they would never ever understand how to actually build a sales funnel

This got me thinking

I have a lot of experience in creating funnels and I knew I could simplify the process if I spent time working on a formula that could work for everyone regardless of experience

The easiest and quickest route to launching your own products is to use "done for you" reseller products, I know this because I do it on a weekly basis and also provide bespoke sales funnel services to my customers

PLR is not what it used to be

Back in the day, PLR products were pretty average at best and poor at worst and often only consisted of a poorly written eBook and a couple of basic sales and download pages if you were lucky

Fast forward to 2017 and we now see resale products of the highest possible quality

You can find an abundance of high quality products which include professional sales copy that is proven to convert and a range of comprehensive materials to form the product

Training reports, video tutorials, resource reports, cheat sheets, mind maps, done for you email follow ups, banners, affiliate pages, social media images and more and this is why many of my members are making great daily sales simply rebranding these products

As part of the coaching Program

You have unlimited access to a wealth of resale products as a member of PLR Profits Club

You will be building a Unique Sales Funnel​

You also have the opportunity to create your very own totally unique product and sales funnel using products you choose from the membership based on your own niche

Imagine in just 4 short weeks you could have a working sales funnel doing all of the selling

This is an opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I create lead magnets, products and a complete sales funnel set up in Warrior Plus that you simply follow along to

But you create your very own Sales Funnel which will be totally unique to you

If you wanted to get this done by my team you would expect to pay $300 and that’s just for 1 sales funnel uploaded to your servers

Imagine how many lead magnets you can create giving away some valuable content and then simply selling the PLR or MRR as an OTO and adding the video upsell as OTO1

I did start out with the idea of a 1 on 1 coaching service where I would basically hand hold all the way through the process so at the end of the course, you would be fully trained and comfortable creating even the most complex sales funnels

The only downside to this was I could only offer this sort of commitment to a handful of customers because of my other day to day business commitments

This would then force the cost up and in all honesty it would probably be out of reach for most of my members, I definitely could not afford thousands for private coaching when I was starting out

So I decided to try to create the best of both worlds where I could provide some personal help and guidance where needed along the way but based on a group coaching set up not 1 on 1

The upside to this is I can help a lot more people and I can reduce the costs because it doesn’t take more of my time than I can provide so hopefully it’s a win win situation

So why do we need to be Product Creators?

There is a fortune to be made online today selling digital products

You can make good money by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, but if you really want to succeed online then you simply MUST create your own products

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, if you have your own information products then you can let other people do the hard work for you, if you get this right you can have an army of affiliates all promoting your products and sending lots of traffic

If YOU are the affiliate, then you do all the hard work

Secondly, as a product creator,

You can really scale your business very quickly and gain credibility with a range of products with your own name on them.

Get this right you can build a loyal following of people who will buy your products time and time again

Having your own products gives you a sustainable long-term business.

As an affiliate you are at the mercy of what the product owner decides to do

They can close the offer or put up the price thus reducing your sales but as the product owner YOU are in complete control

So today’s top marketers are making thousands of dollars each month selling their own products

But the biggest issue in getting started is generally people don’t believe they can create products, lead magnets and entire sales funnels

"This is only for the really experienced guys" they think, so they never give it a try

Sound familiar?

Most people starting out online try Blogging, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing...

But unless they have very deep pockets to spend on buying traffic, they quickly see the only way to scale is to have a list of subscribers to market to

And without any products of their own this is difficult if not impossible when starting out

They start to feel frustrated and annoyed that they don’t seem to making the progress it seems everyone around them is and panic sets in

This is when they are at their most vulnerable

They start to look for the quick fix that promises the world

Only to dissapoint and not be the magic bullet they hoped it would be

This was the driver behind me creating this brand new Boot Camp Coaching Program​

Knowledge is power and once you are up to speed with all of the tech you can really start to scale your business

Imagine being able to create lead magnets and lead capture pages that convert your visitors to subscribers

Build high value sales funnels with upsells and down sells and learn how to craft email follow up messages that sell

So who am I and why should you listen to me

My name is David Henry, I have been creating digital info products, membership sites and software since 2012.

I have a number of membership sites and my PLR membership site, PLR Profits Club that I launched in 2013 still has many members who joined my premium paid level in 2013 still on board as paid members today

I know from experience,

When a new member finally gets the hang of using resale products to sell as their own,

They are hooked for life,

I mean why would you want to cancel a membership that only costs $25 per month and provides a library of over 1500 high quality products with a minimum of 40 new products added each month

So with that said, I decided to put together a brand new complete boot camp training course that can take someone absolutely brand new with no idea to someone who can confidently create their own products and sales funnels in a very short period of time

This is brand new training by me personally that takes you from A to Z in easy to follow video tutorials


This training is delivered over 4 weeks with a module each week that walks you through step by step each task required.

Each module covers an essential element and each week you are provided with a work book for reference and you are assigned tasks to complete ready for the next module

Take a look at a summary of each module below

Module 1

Setting up the Basics

Overview of the essential tools you will need to edit sales pages and upload your content to your own server

Installing FileZilla 

Installing Kompozer

Module 2

Lead Capture system

How to edit an existing squeeze page

Create a list in aweber

Add the opt in form code

Redirect the visitor to our OTO

Module 3

Sales Pages and thank you pages

Edit an existing sales page and create a PayPal button

Edit A Product PDF and add affiliate links

Create a thank you page to deliver the product

Add high ticket affiliate offer to maximise ROI​

Module 4

Creating a Complete Sales Funnel using Warrior Plus

Create a front end product, add an upsell and down sell

Create exit pop & No Thanks Redirects

Create Buy Now Buttons

Set up list automation in aweber

Do you think you just might start to make some sales armed with this knowledge and skill set?

Here is what’s included...

The weekly modules are released each Monday AT 10 am EST

Each module is delivered by pre-recorded video and work book

You get direct email support to me personally 5 days per week for 4 weeks

3 Months premium membership to PLR Profits Club

Lifetime membership to List Profits Blueprint

Weekly Q&A round up each Friday provided in pre-recorded video

At the end of the 4 week camp

You will have in-depth knowledge on how to create a complete sales funnel including lead magnets, squeeze pages, one time offers using resale products provided from your PLR Profits Club membership and you will be proficient with the tech requirents to upload to your servers and create lists in aweber 

You will have a complete sales funnel set up in Warrior Plus to include a trip wire front end offer, one time offer, upsell and down sell offers connected to your relevant lists in aweber.

This is the entry level to product requirement using resale products

You can be up and running very quickly with no further expense required

Once you are up to speed you can get to the next level very quickly and totally rebrand a resale product with new logo, domain name and graphics pack to really scale your business further

Sounds great David how much?

Retail Value $397​

Let’s look at the actual value of what’s included today

12 Months membership to PLR Profits Club $167

Lifetime membership to List Profits Blueprint $10

5 day per week email support David Henry $97

4 weekly video training modules valued @$47 each $188

Weekly Q&A valued @ $47 each $188

Total retail value $558

Limited Time Launch offer

First 10 Students Only



One-time Payment

This is a brand new group coaching program and it will be sold for $397 once I have sufficient feedback and glowing testimonials and I am sure I don’t have to tell you that this is a genuine offer providing outstanding value

When this coaching offer goes mainstream it will be excellent value and you have the opportunity to get 4 weeks for the price of 1​

This is step by step over the shoulder training that not only tells you what you need to do but I actually show you and I rebrand a product, create a list in aweber and Create a complete sales funnel with live in Warrior Plus.

Direct access to me to be able to fire across any issues stopping you from progressing is worth the cost alone and will save you loads of time and frustration

I have members paying $24.95 for monthly membership to PLR Profits Club and with List Profits Blueprint lifetime membership thrown in you are getting the entire training and Q&A sessions for just $12!

It really doesn’t get any easier so if you sick and tired of spinning your wheels click the link and invest in your future but remember, this offer is available to the first 10 fast action takers only and when these places are filled each new student will pay $20 more up to maximum of $197

If you want to take the guess work out of product creation and gain invaluable knowledge and skills click the link to secure your place

To Your Success

David Henry​