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    40 New Products Uploaded Monthly, most with sales letters, squeeze pages and thank you pages ready to edit and upload

    Unlimited access to my vast back catalogue of over 1000 high quality PLR products

    FREE access to over 200 online tools, software and resource’s

    Over 140 cutting edge video tutorials and training modules to set up your products and drive free and paid traffic

    FREE access to over 200 online tools, software and resource’s

    Outsource rolodex of 80 top rated fiverr sellers to get the job done even quicker

    Press release directory of 250 FREE PR submission sites to generate tons of free targeted traffic

    Blog directory of 20 submission sites

    Member Product request, if you see a PLR product online and would like access, simply send a support request and providing it’s a good fit I will purchase it and add to the member’s area so no need to spend any more money on those shiny objects that just gather dust on your hard drive

    Fast response email support

    ​But David, I dont have any tech knowledge

    Dont Worry, I have provided over 120 training modules delivered as online lessons so you can learn at your own pace covering every aspect of setting up and launching your new business which can be making sales within a couple of hours simply following along, here is a selection of the setting up the basics modules...

    ​How to register a domain and point it to your hosting

    How to set up a website,

    Which hosting to buy and how to set it up

    How to edit a sales letter

    How to create a PayPal button and add to your sales page

    How to upload to your server

    How to create a download page

    Which autoresponder to use and how to set up your email follow up sequence

    How to scale into a full time business

    And that is only a fraction of the training content available

    Need to create a blog or website using WordPress?

    You will find 60 tutorials to make you an expert in WordPress

    Fancy creating your very own membership site

    Detailed step by step plan which even includes a free professional membership plug in which includes full payment processing

    Need to generate free and paid traffic?

    You will find 25 different traffic generation methods in over 3 hours of video training to ensure you hit the ground running making sales almost off the bat

    Want to finally start to build that famous list everyone talks about?

    Detailed step by step list building training makes it painting by numbers easy

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    Quickly and easily rebrand products using free software as your own

    Create exclusive affiliate bonuses to skyrocket conversions

    Create bundles of related products to sell your own exclusive PLR products

    Use in giveaway events and ad swaps to build your list for free

    Make money giving your products away for free

    Create your very own membership site for recurring monthly income

    Use to create free reports to build your subscribers

    Use to create great blog content

    Create affiliate banners and launch your very own affiliate program

    And much much more...

     Simply follow a 4 Step Plan that is guaranteed to make sales!

    Lead Capture 

    Create your lead capture pages using PLR products with giveaway rights to build your list

    Sales Funnels

    Use PLR products to create sales funnels,  convert your leads into customers,

    Upload to Server

    Upload the pages and products to your server using free software and simple training 

    Send Traffic

    Send free traffic following the traffic generation video modules providing 25 methods

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"Social Proof With Customer Testimonials..."

"Customer testimonials are a powerful conversion element. Display them here to demonstrate that your product has many customers and that those customers are very happy with their purchase.

We like to do what many others have done already. There's safety in numbers. Testimonials can be used to give your visitor that sense of safety."

Helene Moore Marketing Assistant

"The Perfect Testimonial..."

"The perfect testimonial looks a lot like this one: it has a heading (this shows the best part of the testimonial), one or two paragraphs of text, an image, a name and (optionally) a role to go along with the name. Also note the use of quotation marks in the testimonial text."

PAUL SCHMIDT Office Manager

"Add Some More Testimonials Here..."

"Can you have too many testimonials? Yes, but it's difficult to do. :)

Feel free to add many testimonials directly to this page.​ If you have dozens of testimonials, you might want to only add 10-15 of the best ones to the page and add a link 'more testimonials' link that goes to a page with all the others.

We'll use filler text for the rest of the testimonials on this template."

Helene Moore Marketing Assistant

Don’t be fooled in to thinking this "online marketing game" is difficult or complicated, you just need to follow a proven blueprint and scale thigs up if you really want to hit the numbers

If you are on a tight budget (as we all are starting out) you can start using free traffic, this will get some traction and see some sales coming in

The quicker you can scale your business and start to pay for traffic, the quicker you can get to the next level, but this is an option not a requirement, I know many successful marketers who have never paid for traffic and never will, it all depends on your appetite, the great thing is the system provides for all levels and all budgets

You just have to make a start, get things set up and have a go, it is fact that the vast majority of marketers trying to be successful online never make a sale because they don’t take action, forget about getting everything absolutely spot on taking weeks and months, the great thing about using PLR is the speed to market so pick a product and get it out there

If it converts and makes some sales,  spend some time on making it look as good as it can, if it doesnt convert get another offer up and test that

"Add a quote here (it can be a quote from yourself, from the story or an authority quote from someone else). Something that puts a nice closing line on the story above.”


Dont you think you owe it to yourself and your family to finally follow a sensible step by step plan that has been proven to get results


Where else can you invest less than 50 cents per day to get an opportunity to build a real online business that can generate income on a daily basis that can be easily scaled

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