You know you need to build a list but it’s just too expensive using traditional paid traffic and just too slow using free traffic so what is the answer?

If you could buy real life highly targeted subscribers in the Internet Marketing Niche for less than a solo ad click how many would you buy?

Would 1000 real life targeted subscribers in 14 days be of interest to you?

Do you think this just might get your list building off on the right footing and provide an excellent base to build on?

How many times have you heard the phrase?

The money is in the list!

And guess what...

It is absolutely correct, list building is like money in the bank 

You are creating a valuable online asset that Increases in value with every new subscriber added

​It’s widely accepted that each subscriber is worth $1 per month

Just do the math, it is very simple If you want to earn $10k per month

Simply build a list of 10,000 subscribers and sit back in the sun counting your profits

But its not that easy

If you have tried to build a list only to give up in frustration or through lack of funds to buy enough traffic there is light at the end of the tunnel

If you are yet to try to build a list please read every word on this page, this is a very special limited time opportunity no one should miss

It’s a fact, the top 5% of online marketers all have big lists and add hundreds

and sometimes thousands of fresh leads every day

With an email list you have total control of the single biggest issue all marketers face..

Generating targeted traffic

But not just any traffic

When you build an email list from the right traffic you are..

Creating a tribe of hungry buyers all looking for your help so the traffic can be laser targeted ready to pay you every day.

Imagine being able to work from anywhere in the world and all you need is an internet connection, laptop and 20 – 30 minutes to write a quick email.

Press send and watch the sales come in, it’s that easy and this is why building a list is the most important thing you can ever do if you want success online

You don’t have to worry about...

 Google or Facebook suddenly changing the goal posts

You certainly don’t have to get involved with SEO or any other boring mundane tasks.

In fact you dont even need a website to make a 6 figure income online using email marketing.

And it has nothing to do with...



Bing ads

Google adwords

Social media posting

Or any other paid traffic methods you might have used

But there is a problem

It can cost a fortune to build a list using solo ads or Facebook and there isn’t really another alternative

Solo ads cost around 45 cents per click and convert on average at 40%

Expect to pay $1.25 per subscriber AFTER YOUR OTO SALES!

Facebook ads cost nearer to $1 per click than 1 cent

Expect to pay over $2 per subscriber AFTER YOUR OTO SALES!

I have spent a fortune previously on solo ads when they used to work!  

The painful truth is despite what the solo ad sellers tell you

it is now impossible to recoup anywhere near the cost of the traffic from the OTOs

It can take weeks and months just to get YOUR MONEY BACK

Before you even think about profits!

So don’t be too hard on yourself if you have at least tried to build a list using these traditional methods

It’s not your fault

And unless you have recently robbed a bank

You will never be able to afford to build a list of any size or value

and this is the reason 95% simply give up.

But Now there is another way...

Hi my name is David Henry

I live in the UK with my wife and 4 kids and have been full time online since 2011.

I must have tried everything under the sun to make money online and it wasn’t untilI finally started to build a list of subscribers that I got some focus and started to slowly get results.

In 2012 I launched my first digital product on the Warrior Forum...

Rapid Ranking Formula sold over 1000 copies which got me off to flying start

But Product Creation is not a sustainable list building model

Unless you are extremely talented

Or already very well connected with the big affiliates...

Product creation is not the long term answer to list building.

Product creation should be used to create great value products TO SELL TO YOUR LIST 

So David What is the answer?

Around 7 months ago I stumbled across a traffic platform

It is so secret, you actually need an invite from an existing member to even open an account.

This platform is without doubt the best kept secret in Internet Marketing

It works like gangbusters so a very select few are quietly adding thousands of subscribers to their growing lists

And they are doing this almost on complete auto-pilot

And the best part is they get paid to build their lists

I can confirm this is 100% TRUE...

Because I have also been using this platform for all of my paid traffic for the last 6 months resulting in a massive increase to my ROI

Because I am now also being paid to build my lists

Imagine adding subscribers to your list just like this For FREE!​

Make Weekly Profits AND build your list for FREE

Do you think you might look at list building in a different light if you were making weekly profits

NOT spending fortunes on solo ads or Facebook? 

Its a Fact:

I have not created a traffic magnet using this platform in the last 6 months that has not...

Returned a net profit within 7 days

Added tons of new subscribers

Taken more than 60 minutes to set up 

Now before you get too excited, there is a catch!

To even get an invite to take a look around this platform you need to be..

A known "name" in List Building

Or have an existing list

Or be an e-zine publisher

And this is obviously a major stumbling block for the vast majority of marketers reading this page

But how about we give you a helping hand and give you a head start with 1000 targeted subscribers in 14 days GUARANTEED!

Here how

When I created List Profits Blueprint I took the concept of a giveaway event and adapted it to provide subscribers to its new members based on buying the traffic NOT having to provide it from their existing lists

As I identified, the biggest issue that stops any new marketer take advantage of using a giveaway evet to add subscribers is the need to send targeted traffic from an existing list

We do this by providing all of the traffic an event will ever need from promotions to our own list and to the lists of a select group of experienced giveaway promoters.

Now this throws up a fantastic opportunity that is extremely limited

We host each giveaway event and we have the option to provide a co-hosting opportunity to a maximum of 2 marketers per event

Under normal circumstances, if you were to host a giveaway event you are required to set up the event, sell the contributor upgrades and generate traffic so once again this is not really an option for a new marketer with no list or contacts to take advantage of

That is up until low

Because we provide the traffic and take care of all of the promotion we can offer a maximum of 2 co-host opportunities per event and we provide the following package and benefits

Install the membership script

Design the Graphics

Host the Event on our Server

Build and install all the pages

Approve all the Gifts

Approve all the One Time Offers

Handle all the support issues as required

Advertise for your event from start to finish insuring maximum promotion

This is without doubt the easiest method to add targeted subscribers to your list

You only need to provide the autoresponder code to us of the list you want us to send the subscribers and that’s it!

We set up the event and use our advanced API feature to automatically add subscriber to your list s they sign up to become free members

Now think about the quality of these subscribers

All actively looking for help to make money online, build an email list, drive more traffic, use social media better and anything else you can provide information (and paid products going forward) once they are on your list

Think about the kudos of being a known name as an even host, you will add around 200 JV partners to your list from the minimum 1000 we send to you so what a great way to recruit valuable JV Partners on auto-pilot

Swap your list to add new subscribers for free

Once you have a list of a reasonable size you can contact other marketers to arrange to swap a promotion to add more subscribers totally for free

So David

This all sounds fantastic and almost too good to be true, hats the catch

Surprisingly, there is no catch, our co-hosts do get a minimum of 1000 subscribers made up of contributors (JV Partners) and members and these are added over the course of 14 days during the lifetime of the event

The catch is quite simply availability

We can only offer 2 places per event and we currently hold 1 event per week

We have decided to test this offer and provide the following co-host package

We thought about costs and we know what we invest in paid traffic to ensure each event has more than enough visitors and contributors and we know the value of a real person opting in to an Internet marketing type list

A solo ad CLICK can cost anywhere from 40 cents to $1 based on the quality of the list and that’s for a CLICK

We have decided to make this test a no brainer and we are going to offer a maximum of 24 co-host places for our upcoming events starting in March through to the end of May

The places are available on a first come first severed basis and allocation of events will be based on payments received

If you are amongst the first 24 people to confirm a co-host place the entire event co-host package will be available for just $197

That works out at less than 20 cents PER SUBSCRIBER NOT CLICK

If it was a click from a solo ad it would be the deal of a lifetime and this is for real people opting in to an Internet marketing niche

This is an extremely limited promotion, when we have filled the 24 places available at the discounted cost of $197 we will be raising the cost significantly in line with the real value on offer

So to get you started click the link to make your payment, you will be directed to a member area to register your details and provide some basic details which include your autoresponder code (We do provide 7 days to provide this before your payment is returned and the place opened up to a new member)

I could see a massive potential providing I could get it to work for the masses but especially for my members with no list or real experience

I started to look at the possibilities to clone this platform to create a totally unique, never seen before system...

After 3 months of solid testing and tweaking I have perfected a complete list building system

 Any marketer can now use to build their list on complete auto-pilot

I mean, who doesn’t want access to a system...

That works with small traffic investments of $8 per campaign

Provides targeted traffic for 2 weeks per campaign that convert clicks to subscribers in huge numbers.

You can go at your own pace and work to your budget

You don’t need to be technical

Setup of a campaign is painting by numbers easy.

Imagine being able to create a powerful traffic magnet in less than 1 hour

That would pay for itself within a couple of days

Add hundreds of subscribers to your list

AND MAKE YOU A PROFIT every week from this highly targeted traffic,

Painting by Numbers Easy to Set up

Think what you could acheive if you actually put a bit of effort in?

This is a solid strategy tested, tweaked and perfected over 3 months

That simply works out of the gate to build a highly targeted list of subscribers

 I have personally made a net profit within 7 days on every single campaign I have set up

Providing you follow along with the step by step training anyone can also acheive the same results without any experience and there is no need for...

Any complicated learning curve

"Bedding in time" before you start to see results

Any additional products to buy to make this work

All you need is an autoresponder to capture your leads

(and we even provide a free 30 day trial if you don’t have one set up)

Check out the Comprehensive training and FREE Resources

We will be adding further content and training over the coming weeks and months as the membership grows but check out what’s included today...

Module 1: Case Study

3 case studies showing results in 24 hours, 5 days and 14 days

Watch over my shoulder as I take less than 60 minutes to set up a campaign that adds 37 subscribers and 8 buyers in just 24 hours goes on to generate 221 clicks, 155 subscribers and 27 buyers

Module 2: System Setup

Video 1 shows the secret platform that is impossible to access unless you have a large list.

Video 2 explains how our system is set up for anyone to use to drive targeted traffic.

Video 3 is a step by step tutorial on exactly how to set up this brand new platform to hit the ground running

Module 3: Essential Pages

How to get your essential pages ready including setting up a lead capture page, Download page to deliver the lead magnet, OTO sales page to edit where required and how to create a "Buy Now" button in PayPal.

In the final video we upload of all these new pages to your server

Module 4: Free Resources

Free resources including, 3 lead capture templates to download.

14 "how to" video tutorials that provide simple instruction to get all of the tech set up that most people struggle with when starting out.

​Links to free software to edit all of your pages and upload to your server

Module 5: Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a great platform to accept payments and deliver products automatically.

This in depth module covers how to create a product, how to create a basic offer and sales funnel and finally how to create a Buy Now Button to add to a sales page

Module 6 :Lead Magnet Library

16 Professional reports including high quality graphics to create your lead magnets.

7 "DFY" Lead Magnets including 2 step squeeze page, thank you page, free report and email follow up series​

Use individually, edit to produce a unique report or create a bundle of related reports to get your list building off to a flying start

Now thats what you call a professional list building membership area! 

Its a simple 4 step plan That Plain and Simple Works!​


Enter your squeeze page and download page URLs in to the system

Step 2:​

We send highly targeted traffic to your squeeze page

Step 3:

We deliver your free offer to your subscribers

Step 4:​

You Check your stats and rinse and repeat!

Now Dont take my word for the power this list building sytem holds

Check out what some real life Beta Testers made of the system after actually using it for a few days 

Daniel Markz

I like what David has put together here. The training is clear, thorough, and easy to understand, and it reveals a proven system that even the newest of marketers can use to build a targeted list. As good as the training is, David provides a lot more than that. He provides a unique system that essentially levels the playing field for newbies.

David has created a platform that allows anyone, regardless of experience or list size, to tap into a powerful source of targeted traffic, and use this system to convert that traffic into responsive subscribers.

So, does it work? Your damn right it does. Using David's system, I ended up paying just $0.14 per subscriber. Not per click. With solo ads, you're paying 40 cents, 50 cents, 60 cents or more per click. Assuming your squeeze page converts at 50% with solo ad traffic (which, no offense, it probably doesn't), that means you're paying a little more or less than a dollar per subscriber. I just paid 14 cents per subscriber.

Of course, a boatload of subscribers for pennies is no good if they're not responsive. Well, so far these subscribers have definitely been responsive. I hit a 68% open rate on a welcome email to subscribers I got from David's system, and the subsequent follow up emails have been averaging 23% opens. Plus, I've already made a handful of sales, both of my own products and affiliate products, from these subscribers.

Billy Davis 

I was immediately drawn to the powerful "traffic for list building" platform and the ability to add hundreds of fresh new leads with virtually no work and for only a few cents per subscriber.

I found the quality of the membership content to be very well laid out and simple to follow. The ease of setup is 100% step-by-step with nothing left out, so even a complete beginner with no list and no experience can jump in and get started from the word go!

Another surprising benefit is how I can participate without having to leverage my existing list. This is ideal for marketers with buyers lists as well as those with no lists.

I expect to be using this fantastic system for years simply because I can get targeted subscribers and buyers to my offers for just a few cents with massive conversions. What's really exciting is the many BUILT-IN ways to make money and generate net profits with the potential to actually get paid to build my list!

I highly recommend List Profits Blueprint for anyone wanting to get quality traffic, leads and sales from a truly refreshing "all-in-one" system that's long overdo.

Billy Davis

Greg Ray 

-- 28 Step-by-Step Videos --

Wow! What a great package! No FLUFF!

Just a great step-by-step how-to training on how to generate leads and build your list

I have been employing this strategy for some time now, but this really opens my mind to so many new ideas.

Two thoughts here...

1) A good training package is designed to meet the needs of both the beginner and the intermediate marketer... without a doubt, List Profit Blueprints covers this from A-Z.

2) A truly great training package also has some titbits that offer strategies and how-to be for the more experienced marketer, like myself. List Profits Blueprint also does exactly that.

The sections on PayPal and WSO's was a tremendous help to me, clarifying some questions I have always had trouble with. I will be able to integrate these into my marketing efforts, for sure!

Thanks, David...

Darryl Smith

This system along with the training provided is a quick and almost hands free method to get subscribers on to your list once you are set up. The setting up of the actual system you will use is easy if you follow what the training materials say you should do. If done right, this will see you getting a very good list in a short time frame. Your new subscribers can then be left to go through your follow up sequence where you can really start earning. Your return on investment will be amazing due to the very low barrier to entry and the power of the system getting you your new customer base.

Steven Lucas

If you only have a small list (or are just starting one) then List Profits Blueprint is a great way to get it going. Due to the nature of how the subscribers arrive, you know they are already interested. If you don't have a clue on how to get started, the training is there and the boost function is an option worth taking to give more visibility to your offers.

Roy Brewer

I must say you have provided great value in this product for everyone. The members area is easy to navigate and the videos are very detailed. This will definitely help newbies as well as experienced marketers alike. I love the twist you put on your traffic source. Pure genius!! Two thumbs up!!

Roy Brewer

So are you ready to get started?

This is a long term Business Opportunity Not to be missed!

Finally You too can start to build a list like the pros and quickly get to the next level

Because this is a brand new platform created and controlled by us

We need to add members very quickly in order for us to scale the traffic.

We have priced this membership quite frankly, at a ridiculously low price

Because this model works in reverse of the original platform,  the more members we have the more successful the platform will become

Limited Time Launch...

The launch will be restricted to just 5 days because we are expecting the flood gates to open once this offer is live

This is not fake scarcity designed to create urgency to get you to buy

In all honesty, if you have to even think twice about becoming a founder member with a lifetime access to the paid membership for a one time cost, currently less than $10

List building may not be for you

When we close this offer the membership will become a monthly fee

The good news is...

All of the founder members joining during this limited time launch Today...

Will have their membership locked in for life

And will never have to pay a monthly fee!

Lifetime Access Just...

This is a comprehensive member’s area designed to deliver the highest quality training on all aspects of list building and you are guaranteed to add subscribers AND make a profit simply following along!

So here’s a quick recap on this offer today

Guaranteed Acceptance to use the system

Low cost investments in traffic from $8

Less than 60 minutes to set up

True Auto-pilot list building system

Membership locked in for "low one time" cost today

Make easy daily profits AFTER PAYING FOR YOUR TRAFFIC!

Now to make this a simple decision I am going to put my money where my mouth is and provide a no strings attached money back guarantee.


If for any reason and I mean any reason you are not delighted with membership to List Profits Blueprint simply open a support ticket and request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase

No ifs, no buts, I will send you a prompt refund and thank you for at least giving it a try

So the only question left now is are you ready to work like the pros?

Do you want to build a scalable business and not be chasing the impossible shiny object dream

This system will not make you untold wealth overnight tonight...

BUT...It will give you a simple step by step blueprint to build a list of targeted subscribers

Who you can engage with and sell to every day

It will give you a solid foundation on which your online business can grow

In just 6 months you can be a six figure earner simply following along at your own pace and more importantly within your own budget

Think about it, if what you are doing now isn’t working and you don’t have a list

This might just be the spark you have been looking for to get to the next level

Without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on traffic or wait for months just to get your money back

Click the link below to secure your lifetime access for less than the cost of the monthly fee once we close this offer when the timer hots zero

David Thomas

List Profits Blueprint has got to be one of the best ways ever to build your list especially if your new to internet marketing. The step by step video training in the members area guides through the setup so you are not left wondering what to do, and if you should have any issues the support is excellent, I never had to wait even 24 hours for a response.

I am pretty new to internet marketing and have struggled to build a list I now believe I have found the solution.

List Profit Blueprint gets my highest recommendation.

David Thomas

Still Reading?


If you are still reading this you may be thinking this looks too good to be true and I have to admit it does sound like a no brainer decision, the great news is this DOES ACTUALLY WORK

All the reviews above are from real people just like you

List building is not a choice you can take or leave

It is a fact that 100% of successful online marketers are all building lists of subscribers each and every day and no matter what you do online you will never really be rewarded fully until you have a list that you can sell to every day

This system is as near to set and forget as it can get

You need 1 hour per week to set up a traffic magnet and you can do this with just a $8 investment in traffic

I show you in great detail in the members area exactly how you can monetise the traffic to actually make a profit each and every week so you too can be paid to build your list and the great news is anyone can do it

If you are serious about really building a long term business click the Buy Now button above and let’s get cracking

It will be without doubt the best $20 you have every spent

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