Completely done for you lead generation and product sales funnels

Don’t let the Tech Stuff hold you back from Creating your very own Powerful Sales Funnels

Imagine having a powerful “Proven to convert” sales funnel working 24/7 generating leads and converting those leads into customers

​It’s a Fact...

There is a fortune to be made online today selling digital products

You can make good money by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, but if you really want to succeed online then you simply MUST create your own product s

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, if you have your own information products then you can let other people do the hard work for you, if you get this right you can have an army of affiliates all promoting your products and sending lots of traffic

If YOU are the affiliate, then you do all the hard work

Secondly, as a product creator, you can really scale your business very quickly and gain credibility with a range of products with your own name on them. Get this right you can build a loyal following of people who will buy your products time and time again

This brings me nicely onto the third point…

Having your own products gives you a sustainable long-term business. As an affiliate you are at the mercy of what the product owner decides to do, they can close the offer or put up the price thus reducing your sales but as the product owner YOU are in complete control

So today’s top marketers are making thousands of dollars each month selling their own products

Have you ever wondered how they seem to be able to launch a new product almost on a weekly basis?

Able to create dozens of lead capture offers giving away their own products and are then able to monetise these lead capture pages selling the PLR or MRR to the free offer?

We all know we need to create our own products if we want to maximise our earnings online but what are the options to actually get started?

You can sit in a darkened room and come up with your own product ideas, hire a freelancer to create the product and hire a copywriter to come up with a world class sales page

And hope you have a home run because that will cost around $1500!

The clever way is to use done for you products that you can either buy individually and build your own library or join a monthly membership like PLR Profits Club and create your products and funnels

This is not without issues and complications for a vast majority of marketers getting started

To launch a product as your own requires technical knowledge which once you are up to speed can be pretty straight forward but can seem quite daunting at first,

Even a basic sales funnel requires you to create the following

Free report or gift of genuine value to give away

Squeeze page to capture the subscribers email address

One time offer to present to the subscriber immediately they sign up

Thank you page to deliver the paid product with added products to increase revenue

Autoresponder set up to deliver the free report and follow up messages

Upload all of the pages to you hosting account using FTP

Payment Buttons in PayPal or Warrior Plus to automate the payment process

Link all of the pages together to create an automated funnel

And this is the only the entry level funnel to get you up and running

To maximise your revenue from your subscribers you need to create additional products to sell in your follow up messages and broadcasts

And the biggest puzzle that we all need to constantly solve is driving targeted traffic to your free offers

You may be starting to understand why 99% of would be marketers fail and never generate a single subscriber or make a sale

The problem that stops 99% of would be product creators in their tracks is

Lack of technical knowledge and time to put everything together

I remember when I was starting out

This whole online marketing thing seemed like rocket science, it was almost like another language


Squeeze page




And loads more you can probably bring to mind

This is a major issue and recently I asked my subscribers what the biggest issue they has stopping them making money online and lack of tech skills and time were the overwhelming reasons

But I have good news

What if you could get everything done for you so you could wake up one morning with a business ready to go?

Lead capture pages, valuable gifts to give away

High converting sales pages

Thank you pages

All of the technical aspects completed including

Setting up your autoresponder

Pre written emails loaded in to sell the OTO

Hosting set up

All pages uploaded

Weekly traffic campaigns set up

Guaranteed subscribers added to your lists

Introducing the ultimate done for your bespoke service

IM Tool Kit Business in a box

We have a limited number of places each month to get your business set up and we have 3 levels to choose from so anyone serous about making money in the internet marketing niche can save loads of time and money chasing the dream buying product after product and just getting more confused

I and my team will do everything required for you to make sales and generate subscribers to add to your list

Choose from the packages below and finally start to build a list and make daily sales

All packages include the following memberships

90 day membership to PLR Profits Club

Lifetime access to List Profits Blueprint

30 Free access to aweber ($19 per month after the 30 days)

In addition to the above, you will require a hosting account, we recommend Hostgator baby plan and the monthly cost is $