Completely "Done for You" Lead Generation and product Sales Funnels

Don’t let the Tech Stuff hold you back from Creating your very own

"Automated Selling Machine"

Imagine having a "Proven to Convert Sales Funnel" working 24/7 generating leads and converting those leads into customers

It’s a Fact...

There is a fortune to be made online today selling digital products

You can make good money by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, but if you really want to succeed online then you simply MUST create your own product's

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, if you have your own information products then you can let other people do the hard work for you, if you get this right you can have an army of affiliates all promoting your products and sending lots of traffic

If YOU are the affiliate, then you do all the hard work

Secondly, as a product creator,

You can really scale your business very quickly and gain credibility with a range of products with your own name on them.

Get this right you can build a loyal following of people who will buy your products time and time again

This brings me nicely onto the third point…

Having your own products gives you a sustainable long-term business.

As an affiliate you are at the mercy of what the product owner decides to do

They can close the offer or put up the price thus reducing your sales but as the product owner YOU are in complete control

So today’s top marketers are making thousands of dollars each month selling their own products but they all have 1 thing in common

They use Sales Funnels to Maximise Profits from the same amount of Traffic.

Here is a Typical Scenario...

Marketer A 

Has been doing affiliate marketing and has put together a product to sell using a done for you PLR product.

They send some traffic and makes some sales of a $7 eBook but they are not going to get rich selling standalone products

Marketer B

Has gone beyond selling standalone products and creates a typical sales funnel

The funnel is made up of a free gift, squeeze page to collect the subscriber details,  a onetime offer when the visitor signs up to get the gift and a down sell offer if the visitor doesn’t buy the OTO.

The products are delivered on a thank you page with banner links to other products for sale and this marketer does make significantly more than the newbie selling a $7 eBook

Marketer C 

Creates a professional sales funnel which comprises of multiple front end offers and squeeze pages.

Once they convert the visitor to a subscriber they immediately send the subscriber to a high value, low priced offer often called a tripwire product that is simply too good an offer to turn down.

Typically, this offer will have a real world value of $50 but on offer for less than $5

This is designed to do 2 things, gain the trust of the customer with an outstanding offer and also contribute to the front end traffic costs

Once the customer is in the funnel marketer C takes them carefully through a journey that can provide 1-2 further upsells and 1-2 down sells, they may add a monthly membership offer and a high ticket offer typically $500 - $1000 and this is just the front end funnel

A professional sales funnel will have an automated back end process that is delivered over 21 - 30 days with follow up messages designed to build further engagement and trust and reinforce the value of the front end products.

Check out the screen shot below


This is a case study I set up for a couple of days selling a front end product for just $3.97 to prove the power of using a sales funnel

You can see by creating a solid sales funnel with high converting products you can drastically improve your visitor value and this offer made a massive...

$8.41 per visitor AND CONVERTED 94% TO BUYERS!

 Once you have conversions like this you can scale and use paid traffic to boost sales further and this is how the pros make the sort of profits others can only dream about

It is this process that ensures marketer C makes at least double the net profit that Marketer B makes from the same amount of traffic with no more work once the funnel is set up.

We have all heard the money is in the list...

The real money is in the back end funnel and without a strong back end funnel you are leaving masses of money on the table!

But creating a sales funnel is not easy

What gift to giveaway 

You need to find products that convert

Know the exact price points to get maximum ROI

What products to put in the funnel process

How many OTOs and down sells,

When to pitch the high ticket item for maximum conversions

How to connect everything up and upload to your server

How to deliver the products and set up the automation of the entire funnel

How to set up the all-important follow up sequence,

What to write and how to position yourself as the expert in your chosen field

Why should the prospect listen to you 

Why should they spend money on your recommendations

And it goes on and on...

But Master all of this and you are on your way to a six figure income

So what are the options?

You can sit in a darkened room and come up with your own product ideas

Hire a freelancer to create the product and hire a copywriter to come up with a world class sales page

Hire a developer to set up all of the tech and hope you have a home run because that will cost a minimum of $2000!

The Clever way is to use "done for you" Products

You can buy individually and build your own library or join a monthly membership like PLR Profits Club and create your products and funnels

Using done for you products saves you time and a load of money and also ensures you can create fresh new products in a very short period of time

But David, I am not technical, where do I start?

I think it’s fair to assume everyone reading this page would rather have a sales funnel in place working 24/7 than not

So instead of spending hours, days, weeks and months in some cases YEARS sat trying to figure it all out...

Let me and my team do the heavy lifting for you, leaving you to get on to actually...

Build and Scale your business

Here is what we do...

  • check
    We set up a complete sales funnel so you don’t waste any more time trying to figure it all out
  • check
    The funnel is created using Internet Marketing related list building and PLR reseller products which are always in demand and evergreen
  • check
    We create thank you pages and we deliver your products to your customers
  • check
    We install everything on your own servers
  • check
    We create a full 45 days follow up message sequence to sell multiple products and we add it to your autoresponder
  • check
    We guarantee acceptance to a high-ticket affiliate offer that can earn you up to $800 per sale which is also promoted in the 6 weeks follow up sequence
  • check
    We intergrate your Paypal buttons so you get 100% commissions throughout the funnel paid INSTANTLY in to your Paypal account

But before we dive in to the products and funnel here is some feedback from actual customers...

 Dean James 

It's no secret that you can waste a lot of time trying to figure out how to make money online.

The fact of the matter is that the fundamentals involve building a targeted list and having a congruent sales funnel in place.

This is where David Henry's "Automated Selling Machine" does all the heavy-lifting for you and ticks both of those boxes so you can make consistent profits.

I put this funnel to the test and in week one I've generated over 20 front end and 2 back end sales with more to come (I made 3 sales this afternoon).

If you're looking for a professional setup without worrying about all the technical considerations of setting up an effective sales funnel, this service gets a big thumbs up from me

Steve Herron 

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your Done For You funnel service.

The funnel that you built for me is very professional looking and the offers are well planned and thought out as are the autoresponder e-mail follow-ups that you wrote.

You got everything installed and set up on time just like you said you would and always answered my e-mails promptly whenever I had any questions.

It's been a real pleasure dealing with an honest human being like yourself and your team of professionals!

Tony Davis 

I ordered the sales funnel and was looking forward to seeing what I got, I was gobsmacked to be honest not only at the quality of the products and the sales pages, but the 6 week autoresponder messages are worth the cost alone, not only did I get 30 days of follow up messages, I got follow up messages for the products that are sold in the process so seamlessly I can continue to follow up on my customers to sell the next product in the funnel absolutely on auto-pilot.

It’s actually possible to sell all of the products included in the funnel without writing a single email because they are all pre-loaded

Well Done Guys, I can’t wait to get some traffic to it

Tony Davis

 Henry Lake 

Hi David

Once again thanks for the funnel. I've just gone through the pages and I must say the funnel is worth every penny. My hat's off to you.

Like I said, if you do come up with another funnel, don't hesitate to let me know. And if possible, you can create a custom funnel just for me in the not too distance future.

Thanks again,

Henry Lake


The Products​

All of the products below include professional sales pages with graphics, download pages and thank you pages designed for the highest conversions

The Lead Magnets​

The 2 lead magnets provide a complete lead generation sales funnel for your customers to put to work generating their own leads and each include a squeeze page, video series to giveaway, banners, email follow ups.

This is a perfect introduction to list building and sales funnel creation.  ​

The Trip Wire Offer​

The Trip wire offer we present immediately to your subscriber after they sign up provides outstanding value at a low cost.

It provides a further 5 complete done for your lead funnels which include, opt in page, video series to giveaway, thank you page, product box, contact page, banners and email follow ups which normally sell for $17.

The aim at this point in the process is to convert as many subscribers to buyers as possible so we pitch this entire product at just $3.97 to ensure it converts like gangbusters paying you instant 100% commissions

The One Time Offer

The One time offer sells for $27 and provides 5 "done for you" complete biz in a box products, all of which include comprehensive reseller kits so your customers can set up their own powerful sales funnels.

They simply use the 5 DFY lead funnels to capture leads and use the 5 complete DFY products with full reseller kits to create their own powerful sales funnel

Each of the 5 Products Include,

EBook versions of the training (about 10,000 words each)

Audio versions of the training (about 60 minutes each)

Professionally designed sales pages (and all other relevant pages)

Professionally written sales copy (crafted to convert)

Complete set of graphics for everything

High converting squeeze pages to capture subscribers

Lead magnets to entice visitors to sign up to your list

Email follow-ups to keep in touch with your audience

Plus, a whole lot more!

Price $27 100% Commission

4 Additional high quality upsell products

The immediate upsell is a $97 fixed term membership that provides your customers with the opportunity to launch their own fixed term or monthly membership site and comes pre-loaded with 12 months content that is drip fed monthly

6 Figure Reports Membership Site in a Box

Each month your members will receive a report that details a specific strategy that they need to focus on to make money online. The aim is to get them to focus on that strategy and on the action-steps in the report each month.

All these blueprints have already been created for each of the 12 months, and are ready for you to provide to your members through your membership site. All the content is fresh, and uniquely created in house by our writers; you won't find this content anywhere else!

Price $97​ 100% Commissions

WordPress powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet, that's more than 74 million sites, Premium WordPress plugins are always a great product to sell and are normally sold at a higher price than an info product

WordPress Plugin Biz in Box

5 Incredibly Valuable Plugins, And Everything You Need To Sell Them As Your Own High Value Products!

Updated WordPress plugins that are ready to go

Professionally designed sales pages (and all other relevant pages)

Professionally written sales copy (crafted to convert)

Complete set of graphics for everything

Lite version of plugins to entice visitors to sign up to your list

Email follow-ups to keep in touch with your audience

Price $47 100% Commission

Affiliate marketing is a great way to add easy income to your business and this sales system provides a complete done for you solution your customers will love because everything is done for them

Done For You Affiliate Sales Funnels

Get a powerful pack of affiliate sales funnels that you can use right now to start making consistent, predictable affiliate commissions!

12 High-Converting Squeeze Pages

12 Professionally Written Lead Magnet Reports

7 Autoresponder Emails for each funnel

Recommended Affiliate Products

Complete Setup Instructions

Price $47 100% Commission​

Tap into the Billion Dollar Self-Help and Fitness Niche with These 5 High Value Products your customers will love. This is a great way for your customers to enter another niche and this package provides top class content

Self Help DFY Pack

Each of the 5 Products includes,

Videos of the training (about 60 minutes each)

EBook versions of the training (about 10,000 words each)

Audio versions of the training (about 60 minutes each)

Professionally designed sales pages (and all other relevant pages)

Professionally written sales copy (crafted to convert)

Complete set of graphics for everything

High converting squeeze pages to capture subscribers

Lead magnets to entice visitors to sign up to your list

Email follow-ups to keep in touch with your audience

Price $27 100% Commission

Have you got any idea how much this funnel would cost if you were to get it completed as a bespoke package?

To buy the products individually will cost you $249

To get a sales page completed with professional graphics and proven to convert sales copy will easily cost at least $800 and that’s being very, very conservative and we include 5 full pages!

Value $4000

Getting high converting email follow up messages produced can easily cost $50 each which is still great value if they convert because they will pay for themselves dozens of times over

You get 45 day follow ups and a total of 170 messages in 9 lists, this alone is worth 10 times the cost of this entire funnel

Value $2250

Add the 8 professional download pages for all of the sales offers to this and you can easily spend over $7000 having this type of funnel created

But we also do the heavy lifting and upload all of the pages and download files to your server which if you can do it is still worth $200 of your time and if you cant do it its priceless

And remember...

All of these products are yours so you too can split them up to sell individually which provides you with 14 complete products with reseller kits ready to go

The price points of each offer can be changed and we suggest doing some split testing across various prices to ensure you are getting maximum conversions​

All of your own products pay you 100% commissions

We set up the Buy Now buttons to send instant commissions directly into your PayPal account because they are your products hosted on your own server

You can earn a massive​ $249 from each customer just from your own products!

But we dont stop there, ​

This funnel focuses on mid to high ticket items

So you don’t have to rely on $7 payments ever again!

Instead you will be getting bigger payments of $97 to $197 and as much as $800 on a great value affiliate offer you can be 100% confident of recommending

Here is an overview of exactly what you are getting in this funnel...

2 High Converting Squeeze page's

You will be getting 2 different squeeze pages both designed for high conversions. You send visitors to this page and it converts the visitors to subscribers. The squeeze pages are provided in html so you can easily edit, copy and use for new offers

2 Quality Lead Magnets​

Crafting a high value lead magnet is key to getting the highest conversions from your visitors. We have provided 2 complete lead funnels that provide your visitors with an introduction to sales funnels and this comprehensive product provides them with an opt in page, thank you page, product box, contact page, affiliate banner's, and email series so they too can start to build  list

High value trip wire offer

Immediately after your visitor signs up to receive your free offer we present a high value low cost offer most people simply can’t afford to miss.  

This offer is 5 "done for you" video sales funnels that include a complete lead generation funnel that currently sell for $7 each, this offer provides all 5 with PLR for just $3.97.   This ensures maximum conversions and you get 100% instantly paid to your PayPal account

 Professionally crafted OTO Sales Page

This is the first point that we are looking to “sell” a product, bearing in mind we have almost given away the tripwire offer.

We provide a great value package that includes 5 high quality "DFY" products your new customes can use to create their very own sales funnel.  All of the products include high quality reseller pages with professional graphics

4 Further OTO/Down sell Sales pages

You will get 4 further professional high converting sales pages that will provide upsells and down sells in the funnel.

These products will be promoted further in the follow up email sequence to add more sales and improve conversions and range in price from $27 to $97 all paying instant 100% commissions

High Ticket affiliate offer

In addition to the 5 offers you will sell in the front end funnel and promote in the back end follow up sequence, we have carefully selected a high ticket affiliate offer that pays you commissions that range from $97 to $197 and as much as $800.

 Unlike some high ticket affiliate offers, you are guaranteed to be accepted as a buyer of this package.

Powerful 6 week autoresponder sequence

The money is in the backend and we provide no less than 170 pre loaded messages in 9 lists based on the buying pattern of your subscribers

Automate the selling process to your prospects based on the products purchased so you can create repeat buyers in the follow up process.


This is key to getting maximum ROI and building engagement.

"Done for you" Set up on your Servers

We take care of everything above so you don’t have to.

 We take everything above and personalise it with your details, you don’t need any tech skills whatsoever, all you need to do is provide us with your domain name, hosting account and auto-responder, if you don’t yet have any of these accounts set up we can even do that for you

30 Day 1 on 1 email support

We are available Mon to Fri to answer any questions or issues you may have regarding any part of this service 

Where else can you get a complete Internet Marketing Business in a box that provides genuine high quality products to sell and all of the complicated set up "done for you"

Here is a quick recap of exactly what you are getting today

  • 14 complete products with PLR ($ 249 Value)
  • All sales and download pages branded in your name ($97 Value)
  • All pages and download files uploaded to your server ($197 Value)
  • check
    170 pre-loaded email messages added in to your autoresponder ($197 Value)
  • check
    Autoresponder list management set up across 8 lists  ($37 Value)
  • check
    All of the automation created in the funnel ($97 Value)
  • check
    1 on 1 email support with David Henry directly ($97 Value)

So the question you now have is...

Do you carry on trying to figure it all out on your own?

Or just get it all done for you so you don’t have to worry about...

Finding products

Setting up complicated tech

Generating targeted subscribers to sell your products to

Building trust and engagement with your subscribers

Making sales on auto-pilot

Sounds Great David, How much is it?

You very rarely, if ever see a complete done for you offer like this and if you do you can expect to pay well in excess of $1000 WITHOUT the follow up messages

You can expect to pay $200 $300 to get a mini funnel of squeeze page, one time offer and the 2 download pages so today we have a very special offer for you which I hope you can appreciate is a genuine offer to get you to the next level in the fastest possible time

Please note:

The automated selling machine is created manually and installed on your own servers

The 45-day email sequence comprises a total of 170 emails in 8 new lists and these are all added to your own auto-responder so this is extremely labour intensive

As such, we can only create a maximum of 5 packages per month

We have always sold out the allocation in a matter of days previously so please click the Buy Now button below to secure your place which is allocated on a first come first served

Limited Time Offer...


Re-launching in 2019 at $497

Don’t miss out on this Genuine Opportunity

This is not hype or fake scarcity, have you ever seen an offer even 5 times more expensive provide this amount of value?

This is without doubt the best value done for you package available anywhere, you have a complete proven to convert sales funnel that works and converts on complete auto-pilot

All you need to do is send some traffic and sit back and watch the magic happen

Think you just might finally start to earn some money online with this powerful automated selling machine

Still Reading?

With an automated selling machine working for you 24/7...

No need to worry about product creation or lead generation

This is as close to an auto-pilot hands free business in a box as it gets

You simply provide us with a few details and in 10 days from order confirmation

We deliver a complete Internet Marketing Business in a box

Generating subscribers, converting the subscribers to buyers and turning these buyers into super buyers with multiple product sales.

Remember this is a mid to high ticket sales funnel with the opportunity to earn as much as $800 from 1 sale on complete auto-pilot so if you finally want to create an online business that actually makes money click the buy now button to get started

Here's what happens next?

After you make your payment you will be directed to a thank you page that provides details of what we require to get started with your automated selling machine which is access to your server (FTP) and autoresponder

If you don’t yet have this set up please proceed with your payment and open a support ticket from the thank you page letting me know you don’t have any services set up and we will be happy to set up a totally free 30 day trial with InboxingPro (From $27 per year) and a hosting account with a choice of hosts based on your exact requirements

We personalize your funnel and set everything up for you which includes uploading all of the pages required to your own hosting (sales and delivery pages)

We add the follow up messages in your autoresponder account and set the messages to be delivered automatically on a daily basis

We create rules within the autoresponder that moves your subscribers from your prospects list to a buyer list as sales are made

We will deliver the completed funnel within 10 days from the day we receive your login information

This is without doubt an unrivalled opportunity to build a business totally hands free for a fraction of the cost you would normally expect to pay so dont miss this fantastic opportunity to take your business to the next level

All we ask is you provide a review of the total funnel and general feedback for us to use on this sales page

David Henry


Imagine in less than 2 weeks from now having your very own automated selling machine working 24/7 generating targeted subscribers and converting them into buyers over and over? Now is the time to take action and make this dream into reality